Thursday April 5 2012


Waking up bright and early at 8:30 a.m.

Banana. Honey Green Tea.

I’ve got a dental appointment at the VCU Dentistry. My tooth has been feeling sensitive and Lauren, my dentist, drills and polishes the composite to help fit my bite.


I leave earlier than expected and head back to Jane’s house. She’s still at work for another hour or two. I attempt to nap on the sleeper couch with her grey terrier, Chloe, by my side acting as a guardian yapping at any sound she finds a threat, turning my nap into only a keeping my eyes shut exercise. 

Jane arrives at the house and we go for a walk to the Harrison Street Café. It’s a little rainy out. We find a booth on the second floor and eat brunch...

Egg and Cheese Burrito with Vegetarian Bacon and Spinach along with Orange Juice.

Catching up on the epiphanies and things going on in each other’s lives. Talking about the days of yore and all our old friends we used to associate with. Both of us find it surreal that we’re sitting here having a mini-reunion of sorts after five years of no real contact. She’s become a lesbian now and she seems much happier about herself because of it.

Jane: “Remember all those times you tried to have sex with me and I just couldn’t? That all makes sense now because I found out I was a lesbian...”


Me: “That time when we were hanging out was the start of a transformation. Like in your life you have mile markers. And that was one of them. And of course...I went through at least a few more up until now.”


After that we trek to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. There’s a deck that’s built over a garden/pond. Jane calls it “the perfect deck”. Perusing through the galleries. Questioning the many pieces that are titled “Untitled”.

Me: “Do you think the artist is just being lazy or do they not want to interfere with the interpretation?”

One complex sculpture strikes our eyes called “Trace of a Fictional Third” by Al-Hadid...

We make it back to her house. On the porch with her girlfriend, Ashley...

Jane: “I live in a tree house!”


It’s naptime. Her and Ashley resign to the bed. I retreat to the car and sleep for an hour.


Apparently there’s an epidemic of inchworms in Richmond right now.

I go to the Diversity thrift store and run into Brendan Boyko randomly. He used to be my roommate at 1623. He’s started a music collective residence near campus and invites me to jam later.

Back at Jane’s house. Her, Ashley, and another friend of theirs attend the showing of Titanic (1997) in 3D. I decline to join and do some reading and writing.

I meet up with Paige and Melissa Anderson for pizza on the corner of Harrison and Main.

Having a few Cheese Slices with a Dr. Pepper.

Paige goes home. Melissa and I go to Babes in Carytown, a gay/lesbian bar that Jane invited me to. We arrive and find Jane and Ashley. There’s probably only 2% straight people here in this place and Melissa and I probably represent the only 2%. But the fun begins after we chug a pint then hit the dance floor. Pop classics and hip hop jams. Sexy rhythm. There’s something so perfect about dancing, like the body was meant to be moved in such a way. I have complete confidence even though I know everyone here can smell how straight I am. But all I see is smiling faces and a sense of unity. This place reminds me of The Wave nightclub in Norfolk.


Eventually we leave. Quick trip to 7-11 for toilet paper. Sharing mild cloves and coming across scurrying rats in the cobblestone alley. Then to Melissa’s apartment. My body’s exhausted from all that dancing. Sleeping on the futon couch at 2:43 a.m.

^^^ i know it doesn't make a huge difference now and its long gone and over with. but i'm sorry for any way that i treated you or disrespected you as a person or lover. at heart i wanted to be substance to you and not add any unnecessary scars to your life. that was one thing i didn't get the chance to say to you in person.

i only remember the good moments fondly and the bad moments with irony. ^^^

[i] All images by me.

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