Thursday November 17 2011


DREAM: I’m a part of a community that’s understood to be run by the devil. I’m in the room where a Christian church service is being held. I’m hired to perform music on my cell phone during it. The leader seems uneasy about all the energy he’s put into this church. I thought maybe he was coming to the realization that everything in this facility is run by the devil.

Today is the 666th entry. I’m sure my subconscious did not plan this.

Instant Oatmeal. Orange Juice. Zinc. Vitamin E.

What Margot said to me yesterday is still on my mind. I decide to inquire what she meant...

Me: “why did you say that to me? and why do you think that we’re not meant to be together no matter how much we love each other?”

Her: “Cause I read a status on Jane’s fb about ows [Occupy Wall Street] and it made me think about how much more compatible you were with her and how different we are. I think you’ll find someone who makes more sense to be with you.”

Me: “jane? i haven’t talked to her in years. look, love is powerful and makes u believe in things you wouldn’t believe otherwise. keep that in mind...also keep in mind...i still love u.”

Her: “I know you haven’t. But it just made me realize there’s prob a girl out there more compatible with you. And we have to work so hard at making it work with us. But I love you too.”

Grocery shopping with my Mom, Jimmy, and Grandma Carr at Trader Joe’s.

Josiah is drinking milk and making eggs with jazz on the radio.

I make fun of him, “Eggs, milk, and jazz. The diet of champions.”

Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Potato Chip Trio. Honey Green Tea.

A few minor occurrences as of late have me wondering if some of my friends are misogynists and it disgusts me. The idea of treating another person as a commodity or as a sole means to satisfy a need is repulsive. Unfortunately, we all do this to each other every day in some way shape or form.

I head to Hampton to meet up with Tim Gault, whom I haven’t seen in a few years. He engineered Tokyo’s first record. He’s still recording bands at his studio, Double-O Records. He plays the drums while I lead on guitar—working on some new tunes and teaching him some Musicplayer songs. His musical work ethic is much higher than most other people I’ve worked with in the past and I really appreciate this aspect to him. We also understand the correlation of musician’s relationships and romantic relationships—the same expectations of loyalty, honesty, and happiness.


Vegetarian Chili. Green Beans with Garlic. Poppy Seed Rolls.

Watching The Edge (1997).

With Darren and Devon—we hang out at Nicole and Amanda’s place—in their living room. Sharing Halloween themed Oreo-imitation cookies from Trader Joe’s.

James Graves is drawing the faces of certain people...

Nicole: “You just make these things out of nothing!”


Discussing the history and development of the banana as we know it today...

Darren: “Don’t be sarcastic about bananas!”


James constructs a pretty accurate depiction of Darren’s face. But his nose looks unusually big to Darren...

Darren: “My nose asserts authority!”


Nicole gets frustrated with our conversation because we often speak in such a sarcastic manner...

Her: “I can’t take anything you guys say seriously!”

We come up with a code word to let her know when something we say is serious and not a joke: Ergonant.

Sleep at some point...

[i] Wild banana.

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