Monday November 7 2011

DREAM: I’m in a Sonic Drive-in taking over a work shift somebody called me in for. It’s been years since I’ve worked there. The computer systems are different—trying to get a handle on the way things are done around here. But mostly everything is still the same...being careful not to overload the fry containers...I secretly add a little more to one that an employee barely filled. Talking with one of the female car hops...

Me: “I used to work here years ago. I know everyone...”

One of the managers overhears my conversation and gets a little irritated.

Him: “Since you know so many people...then you can go home!”

I did not understand why he was angry. I follow him to the back and demand an explanation. The other managers don’t hold his view and seem to snicker at his attitude...

I leave...slowly...and walk outside in a dusty dirt parking lot carrying keys to a car that’s understood to be mine. It’s a giant oversized black Bronco truck. There’s a sliding door, one that you would find attached to the back of a house. I step on. It resembles a living room—brown carpet—a few couches—two aquariums with exotic fish swimming around. The left side of the room has a small window with a curtain. I move it to the side. This must be the lookout window. There’s a small nub in the center that’s supposed to be the steering wheel but it’s understood to be missing. I get the feeling that this isn’t my vehicle, like maybe it was for sale. But why would I have the keys? A bunch of friends and strangers hop on for a ride. I attempt to drive the massive truck, carefully.


All day shift at China Wok.

It’s incredibly slow at work. Organizing stuff on the computer.

Peanut Butter Bagel. Potato Chip Trio. White Peach Tea.


"As a graduate student, Peter Singer was struck by the inconsistencies between the moral philosophies that were applied to humans and nonhumans. Animal lovers, he relates, were happy to express their affection toward pets - but were equally happy to enjoy a ham sandwich while doing so. Humans had developed moral frameworks for the treatment of other humans; but moral consideration seemed to have reached a limit at the juncture between humans and nonhumans. In his book Animal Liberation, Singer exposed the hypocrisy and inconsistency of prevailing morality, arguing that the same arguments that had led to women's voting rights and the abolition of slavery also applied to nonhuman creatures. At the end of the 18th century, Jeremy Bentham had suggested that if a creature can suffer, then it should be treated with moral consideration, and that this applied equally to humans and nonhumans. Following Bentham, Singer argues that sentience - that is, possessing a sensory system that allows a creature to experience pain and pleasure - is the criterion that demands we accord them the same moral consideration that we would accord another person. Viewed from this perspective, industrial society - indeed, any society - is built on a foundation of exploitation, moral inconsistency and denial. We unthinkingly eat our pork chops, buy toiletries that have been tested on animals, and buy shoes made from animal skins, ignoring the suffering this entails and denying the continuity between our own capacities for pleasure and pain and those of other creatures. In his later work, Singer argues that during the evolution of humanity there has developed a greater capacity for altruism and empathy and that speciesism therefore rests on the repression of these evolved characteristics."

Vanilla Bean Cookies.

Dinner rush...

missing you...i make love to you in my daydreams.

This shift has drudged along—not very profitable either.

Moo Shu Vegetable.

Watching The Next Three Days [2010].

Stretching and doing crunches on the space pod ab roller while everyone watches Kingpin [1996].

Our new roommate Elisa seems to be fitting in nicely to the 1435 family. We’ve now dubbed her CJ, short for Carmen Junior, as Carmen doesn’t live here any longer and they both wear glasses and Carmen is taller.

Heading to the Friends School courts with Anthony and Darren. There’s a hovering mist covering the soccer field as we pass by it. I watch Anthony courageously march through its haunting splendor.

“It’s the cops in mist form.”

Shooting some b-ball—free-throw competition and H.O.R.S.E. My body feels loose—I need more physical activity in my life. I’ve kind of gotten lost in a non-active rut. No yoga. No running. I need to pick it up.

Cherrios with Brown Sugar.

Today was basic.

Sleep 4 a.m.

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