Saturday November 5 2011

DREAM: I’m reading a very brief and detailed love letter written by an old man to his dead wife or old lover. As I read, I identify myself with the old man, almost becoming his feelings and emotions. The end of it has the statement, “I was ♥ her. I was ♥ her. I was ♥ her. I was ♥ her. I was ♥ her. I was ♥ her. I was ♥ her. I was ♥ her...” written out repeatedly for dramatic effect. The heart symbol understood to mean “with”. Therefore meaning “I was with her.” I read aloud this heartbreaking letter and start sobbing uncontrollably. It touches me in such a way that I am that old man...that gave up on love and is in a wretched state of longing. Later, I find myself debating with a few strangers—philosophizing on the topic of ethics...

Me: “Most people know what the right thing to do is...they just don’t do it!”

Lady: “You speak the truth...”

All day shift at China Wok.

Grapes. Coffee with Hazelnut Cream.

I made two deliveries by foot today. Liberating.

The customers can leave comments on their Chinese food orders online. A lady noted...

“QTY 1 C22Bourbon Chicken $7.45

;,Make it with love :)”

Spicy Chic-fil-A Sandwich with Lettuce and Tomato (Mayo, Mustard). Waffle Fries. Sweet Tea.

Emily and Phil Gray are at the beach. I invited them to stop by and ride the China Wok train...they show up unannounced, and with Elliott! My two favorite redheads. Riding around for a bit. Emily and Elliott leave Phil with me for the rest of my shift...

He describes his Portland and Missoula experiences, mainly focusing on the psychological abuse from his Portland drug-addicted roommate—also the music and the learning. It’s still the same Phil as I remember—the same caliber of conversation and style of thinking I adored—not that I expected Oregon and Montana to change him (he’s not the kind of person that changes but is rather experimental) but he feels fresh.

This lady at La Quinta Inn just stiffed me five dollars unknowingly. I should’ve counted the money in front of her. Even after returning and explaining I was five short, she was convinced she had handed me a twenty and two fives but I only received a twenty and one five. This lady is senile. I considered the possibility of it slipping out of my hand on the way to the car because of the strong winds. But I distinctly remember what she handed me...

After complaining to Phil I explain how I’ll be compensated for this later with other generous tips. We come up with the satirical idea of “Taking it back” as opposed to “Paying it forward”, going so far as to plot out a movie in our heads too.


Me: “It’s amazing the make-shift realities that people make up in their minds.”

Anthony: “Keep on wokin with a smile!”

Me: “i have no choice. phil’s in the passenger seat.”

Anthony: “I felt it!!”

Some Chinese woman barges in and begins to angrily reprimand Cecily behind the counter. I give Phil a questionable look because I’ve never seen this lady before but she seems to know Cecily and the new cook. I can’t understand what the dispute is all about because of the language barrier. I leave to take an order and when I come back the cops have made an appearance. A bunch of rowdy male customers watched the whole thing and called the cops. This lady ripped the Ethernet wire out of the wall. That cord connects our phones and now we can’t receive orders over the phone or online. It’s only the last hour of my shift so it’s not too much of a loss. Phil’s on his laptop, headphones on, working on some song on Ableton.

Me: “Domestic drama at China Wok. I’ve never seen anything like this here.”

Tofu and Mixed Vegetables in Garlic Sauce with Rice.

We fixed the wiring enough so we can connect the phones at least...

Delivering one of the last orders of the night to Tottenham Lane. The street address is 1051. As we’re pulling up Phil points out that the time is 10:49 p.m. He also notes from the passenger seat that as soon as the customer opened the door the clock switched to 10:51 p.m. Funny coincidence.

Life without Margot is awesome now that Phil’s back in it.

I observe Anthony and Phil finally jamming on guitars in the living...a harmonizing chant...“It’s okay. There is no opposition”...

Me: “I’ve been waiting on this moment for a long time.”

Cherrios with Brown Sugar.

Phil and I venture to “Elliott’s Beach House” which I’ve dubbed as of late. Elliott’s moving back here—and rediscovering that he’s a beach man at heart. Sharing his single-track vintage tape recorder—listening to a random phone conversation from the 60’s—the ghost of Ferra, his ferret, haunts these halls.

Back home...

Me: “Phil it’s the first night I’m hanging out with you and I’ve seen your penis twice. What’s going on?”

Brotherly camaraderie in the living room...

Pizza and Coke.

Bad lip reading from Herman Cain—it’s a barrel of laughs...((((Alert: this is fake))))

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

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