Wednesday September 14 2011

DREAM: Riding in a van with a few people. Darren is driving. It’s understood that we’re about to pass through a portal to a parallel universe. Darren and the girl in the passenger seat have already done this before. But I’m a portal virgin. Just as we’re about to shoot through I brace myself—expecting to feel a shift internally—maybe I will throw up. But nothing of the sort happens. I’m totally fine. Darren and the girl act as if nothing happened. We arrive at our destination. It’s China Wok but a different location and restaurant. I guess Darren’s about to work a shift. The bosses aren’t here. Darren offers me a glass of iced lemonade. I drink it and then take it upon myself to get a refill. The bosses return so I refill my glass discreetly just in case. An attractive woman enters the room—she’s understood to be a teacher. The dream story changes slightly. I follow her into the hallway. She steps into the male restroom through a door that doesn’t have a turning doorknob but a deadbolt instead. Again, I follow. The walls inside are tiled—doors to the stalls a creamy brown. A typical school restroom. I’m reminded that I’m supposed to be a part of a detective case to solve some kind of homicide. My partners appear. The woman leaves. I’m analyzing the writing and etchings on the wall inside the stalls. I discover a familiar handwriting style. It’s Margot’s. A long drawn out poem. I don’t get the chance to read too much but I catch the gist. Statements like, I love you still, Robert and other such passionate and desperate phrases. I convince my detective partners that, “These writings might be connected to our case!” I notice a camera mounted in the ceiling by the sinks. I unplug the cord and carefully pull the camera down.

“I’m gonna review this footage so that we might get more insight…”

Breakfast: Bowl of Cheerios with Brown Sugar.


This is a test. I know.

I get nervous like anyone else would when holding that #2 pencil in hand...

--the clamminess--

--the sweat--

--the tight back--

--making erase marks--

--being uncertain--

But here's the thing. I studied hard. I researched. I didn't just read the encyclepedia, I lived it. Do you really think I'll fall out that easy? Do you really think I'll just sit back and let the clock tick until it's too late?


Lunch: Egg Sandwich with Mayonnaise and Tomato. Blue and Yukon Gold Potato Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Watching Prayer to a Vengeful God [2010]. No dialogue serves as a powerful approach to film.


Blueberry Yogurt.

Feels good to be “making” again—to be creating and composing. I’m in the right place.

Back home…eating Vegetable Gyoza. The Muppets movie is on—with James, Anthony, Carmen, and Kelley.

Scene with Rowlf and Kermit…

Rowlf: “Listen. When you’ve been tickling the ivories as long as I have…you’ve seen a broken heart for every drop of rain. A shattered dream for every fallen star.”

Kermit: “Exactly. She just walked out on me.”

Rowlf: “Yuh, typical. That’s why I live alone.”

Kermit: “You do huh?”

Rowlf: “You bet….I finish work. I go home. Read a book. Have a couple of beers. Take myself for a walk then go to bed.”

Kermit: “Nice and simple.”

Rowlf: “Stay away from women. That’s my motto.”

Kermit: “But I can’t.”

Rowlf: “Neither can I. That’s my trouble.”

Kelley does an impersonation of Emily asking her a question at a party: “So what’s up with you and Anthony? Cause Robert’s blog is a little vague.” [Haha]

Google work and Coffee.

More “making” (sound architecture)…

Night jog.

I’m actually thankful for this distance—from all avenues. I’m inspired to dive into my world of creation and be making music like I’ve always wanted…I’m working on something special, too. I can’t wait to show you…

Chatting and reflecting with Anthony for a few minutes at the card table eating some Toast with Hazelnut Spread and Pomegranate Cherry Ade. He’s strumming on the guitar ever so lightly…He scrambles for the last bits on my plate…

Me: “I’m gonna make a trough for you and put it right here [against the wall]. We’ll call it Anthony’s Trough.”


Sleep before 5:30 a.m.

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