Sunday September 4 2011

DREAM: Out of town somewhere with a group of people—maybe on tour. My old green mini-van is packed with music gear. I’m ready to get on the road but the back left tire is deflated and has a dent in the wheel. Up close I can feel the air escaping. Finding three separate rips in the tire—one of them I can shove my fingers through. I’ve got the pitiful wheel tight between my legs, trying to take control of it and understand how this happened. Feeling an urgency to leave. I don’t want to be here. Earlier, two Chinese people that work at another Chinese restaurant were driving my van and seemed to be careless with it. I suspect it was something they did.

My dad is nearby offering ideas. I have one…

“Maybe we can just use Fix-A-Flat?”

He doesn’t think that will do anything…nothing solved.

Waking up at 9:30 a.m. in hopes I would get up and attend a hot yoga session. No luck. Back to sleep. Back up at 11:30 a.m.—slowly awakening—thinking—pondering.

Banana. Orange Juice. Blueberry Yogurt.

All day shift at China Wok.

Lunch: Peanut Butter Sandwich. Olive Oil Potato Chips. Pomegranate Cherry Ade.

Snapping the peas.

Delivering an order at The Mayflower off 34th street. It’s on the 14th floor and of course as I found out before I know this is really the 13th floor in disguise. Inside the elevator you hit the button for 14 but when arriving the led screen says 13. It smells like a funeral home and I hear a persistent howl caused from the air condition I assume, but this sound is not present on any other floor that I’ve delivered to. The customer doesn’t tip either. Fourteenth floor, you’re not fooling me.

I’m feeling frustrated. Orders are rare and tips are rare and it’s putting me in an ungrateful state of mind.

Donut and Vanilla Frappuccino from 7-11.

Drove exactly 111 miles today.

Went for a run around the neighborhood. It’s been a long time since I’ve ran. Using my new running shoes—feeling an intense rush and excitement—listening to music—flailing my arms and almost dancing at one point.

The beauty of sharing music—sharing the love of melodies—musical associations creating kingdoms and building memory houses…

Dinner: An Egg with Bruschetta and a Carrot. Summer Ale.

Dumpster Diving with Greg, Kelly, and Anthony. Not a big haul but the box of figs and garlic powder made all the difference.


Anthony sends me a text quoting Proverbs 21:19…

It is better to dwell in the wilderness than with a contentious and an angry woman.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

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