Friday September 23 2011

Waking up at 11 a.m. I remember her kissing my cheek before she left and I’m reminded of the emotional dreams of togetherness and traveling I just woke up from…

All day shift at China Wok.

Dates. Pear. Grapes. Orange Juice.

Kelly Suddeth strolls by the restaurant…I catch her just in time to share a few words about the functionality of station wagons…Jessa Potter walks by too…

Jessa: “Hey guys.”

I suddenly remember that she was in my dreams briefly…

Me: “Oh hey! I had another dream about you last night.”

Jessa: “Did I save anyone?”

Me: “No. Not this time. We were just walking on the sidewalk.”

Lunch: Egg Sandwich with Mayonnaise and Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Air show in the sky—fighter jets—Blue Angels—The noise is so incredible it causes car alarms to go off in the parking lot.

Dark Chocolate Bar (Caramel and Black Sea Salt).

Right in the middle of our dinner rush—just as I’m about to drive off I discover that I have a flat tire. Perfect! Cecily lets me borrow her minivan for a few orders. My insurance covers roadside troubles like this. After I make the call someone is there within 5 minutes putting on a spare, and I’m ready to go.

Tonight is just so hectic...

Delivering an order to 1623 Michigan Avenue. Wow. This is a surprise. A lady in her mid 30’s answers the door—two kids running around in the background acting rambunctious. It’s a strange feeling to stomp the grounds of a place I used to live for such an important period in my life. Peeking around the house from the doorway. Everything looks the same except for the freshly painted walls that they tried to plant on us to pay for when we moved out. I inform the lady about my former residence here. Apparently we made a historical impact in the neighborhood.

Lady: “Oh you were the guys that had all the parties…”

Me: “Yeah I guess you could say that. [insert explanation of Show N Tells] None of our neighbors liked us.”

The kids are screaming. She reprimands them and offers to cut off video games as punishment if they don’t stop.

Me: “Well, hey. Enjoy the place. We sure did.”

This night isn’t going to end…but…it does.

Dinner: Tofu with Mixed Vegetables in Garlic Sauce and Rice. Mickey’s.

Sitting on the couch next to Carmen learning about her new love and respect for Turkish coffee over American coffee—she’s also spent some time perfecting her card handling skills.

Big steps…

I grab Anthony and we head to Stephanie’s house by the bay—a few familiar faces. Her and Sarah have prepared a song they want to perform for Show N Tell. In the big living room on their respective guitars—I chime in on the drums…They’ve dubbed this band The Vaginasaurs.

Trampoline fun times…

Anthony had brought a bag of oranges (via dumpster dive finds from the night before) to share with everyone…

Anthony: “I think the oranges were a hit.”

Reconvening at Nicole’s apartment on 22nd with Amanda, Anthony, James, myself and Nicole. Discussing the comic we want to use for our publication—James is going to be drawing it—brainstorming.

Commenting on Anthony’s humorous trickery, “He’s a facilitator of live and confusion.”

“We’re the comedy club!”

In the midst of all this I received a call and multiple texts from Margot in a drunken manner. She’s playing her usual game of showing off the fact that other guys are interested in her or that she has these golden opportunities that she turns down or that she doesn’t have to. Saying to me, “You don’t care” and “You suck”. I’m not even responding. The last text: “Guys wanna go out with me but aol I want is you” I’m pretty sure she meant “all” and not “aol”.

Continuing on with our little social gathering…juggling oranges—stacking oranges on Nicole’s head, surprisingly capable of keeping three on top of each other still long enough to capture a photo:

On the drive back home…

“You see Anthony, I’m a project man. I’m happy when I can be working on projects. And I love being around similar ambitious minds like Amanda and Stephanie. It’s really been fulfilling…”

Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Sleep 5 a.m.

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tristan stewart said...

i recently had a dream involving you and several people from past show n tells. mostly just the people that came out once in a while, but not so much of regular attendees. we were in a tall, brick building that you lived in. similar to an old fire station ( ).

it was a cool, late night and we decided to start a bonfire in the living room. the fire stayed where we put it, but the fire alarm went off. we started leaving the apartment, fire still in a controlled rage, and a man came in and arrested you and a few others.

some people and i went to another house and checked your blog. we saw an entry about your arrest and the bonfire and were excited to know that you got out of jail in time to update your blog. we went upstairs to talk to you about it.