Tuesday September 6 2011

DREAM: Wading in an indoor lake—water up near the belly. James and Darren are hanging out with me in the corner. I’m on my laptop, which is floating just above the surface. Even though it’s not waterproof somehow it’s protected as long as I don’t submerge it. I’ve got at least 7 or 9 tabs open on Firefox. Browsing on Facebook—looking at a new photo album Raven just posted showing pictures of her and her friends on some boat trip taken last winter. A boat trip in the winter? Wearing bathing suits—they’re being trained to scuba dive. One photo in particular shows Raven hanging off the side of the boat, oxygen mask on, breathing heavily. One of her girlfriends is also hanging off the side but facing Raven in unintended sexual manner. Both aware of it they pose sarcastically.

Waking up around 1 p.m.

Hot Yoga.


Lunch: Hazelnut Spread and Peanut Butter Bagel. Honey Green Tea. Italian Plums.

Watching Waste Land [2010], a beautifully shot documentary on garbage pickers at the world’s largest landfill in Rio De Janeiro—showing the beauty of the human spirit through art.

Editing drums for the Dream Girl song.

I get called into work for an hour.

Ice Cream Cone.

Dinner: Black Beans and Onions. Broccoli. Sweet Potato.

Kelly cooked up a bunch of little things…everyone dines in…but something’s wrong with the yellow eggplant.

She texts me out of the blue, “I’m sorry. Every reason we broke up was my fault. I could’ve done something different to prevent this. I love you. Sorry for contacting you too.”

It’s Poker Night at 1435…Myself, Calum, Stephanie, Darren, Dustin, and James. Sipping on beers—the cheerful camaraderie—boisterous characters—sarcastic wit. 3 hours later…Dustin wins the pot.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Stephanie is playing on the piano in my room, a little drunk on Mickey’s…improving simple melodies and making up a silly song—poking fun at something I really shouldn’t say…

Everyone’s gone. The house is finally quiet. Dustin let me borrow his digital piano. Running through old Beethoven songs I used to play all the time. It’s nice having a piano in my room again.

Amanda: “I would say that I'm rootless and restless - only comfortable when I'm moving forward.”

Sleep 4:30 a.m.

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