Tuesday September 27 2011

DREAM: A tale. A legend. A story. A cave where ocean water crashes and bellies against the rocks and walls. A hero. A savior. I’m listening. But I have my own problems…………On the phone with a friend who happens to be near the one responsible for my troubled despondence.

Me: “Tell her I’m doing well. I’m okay.”

He translates to her, “He says he’s doing well and he’s not really okay.”

Me: “What? That’s not what I said! Let me talk to her.”

She has the phone now…I hear her breath…words fail me??????

Waking up just before 1 p.m.

Figs. Orange Juice. Zinc.

At Stephanie’s house rehearsing on drums for her and Sarah’s music project called The Vaginasaurs.

Stef: “He’s banned from her kingdom!”

Lunch: Peanut Butter Bagel. Blue and Yukon Gold Potato Chips. Lemonade.

Anthony parades into my room…

“Occupy Robert’s Room! I won’t pay rent. I don’t know where that money’s going to. How can I trust you?”


“Ahhh! Robert brutality!”

Mixing—mastering the Dream Girl song.

Dark Chocolate Bar with Caramel and Black Sea Salt.

I share some with Darren…“This is great on my palettes. These complex flavors…”

Kenneth finally, after months and months of borrowing it, returns the trailer to me. He’s being his classic self, clad in the handy headband light…

Kenneth: “I got tools out the butt!”

Darren bakes a chicken. I throw in some vegetables and add stuffing to the mix and we have dinner. Enjoying with a Name Tag Lager.

Chris Remaley makes an appearance. I haven’t seen him in a few months, not since we went into the studio to track drums for Musicplayer. We chat a bit outside and he apologizes for the lack of communication between us. It’s good to see him. When you’ve played so much music with someone you feel connected. It’s similar to being in a dating relationship. The same rules and expectations apply.

Chris: “You know you’ve had a good day when your blog is boring.”

Poker night with Darren, Dustin, James, and Kevin.

Darren: “Kevin, your view of reality is so skewed!”

Blueberry Muffins with Milk.

Kevin just wins an intense hand with a straight. Darren mouths out a complaint…

Kevin: “Shut up you pumpkin lookin’ mothaf****.”


Anthony and I shoot some hoops on The Friend’s School courts. Nothing too intense—just basketball. Thoughts still fresh…sharing heavy reflections. A grey shorthair cat watches from afar but offers cute cuddly affection after we approach…

“I think it’s time to respond…”

In my room…gathering my thoughts and reactions…

Anthony leaves me with this: “Don’t be a forceless movement.”


Watching Cleaner [2007].

I found a fortune cookie strip on the kitchen floor…

“Emotion hinders your true self.”

Sleep sometime after 5 a.m.

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