Wednesday October 6 2010

DREAM: Riding bikes with Doug through country roads. Seeing familiar street signs. He’s following me somewhere. Having some kind of discussion with him but he’s at a far distance behind me so I’m getting kind of frustrated. Then we’re in the middle of traffic and jets are flying overhead causing me to have to speak louder, almost yelling—my voice getting hoarse. I look back and Doug is driving a 15-passenger van with a trailer attached—the doors of the trailer, front and back, wide open. Surprisingly all the equipment stays intact. I overhear a loudspeaker radio giving a news announcement praising a lone bike rider—they’re talking about me. Traffic is at a halt so I ride back to the front of the trailer and throw my bike in. There’s another bike caught in between the hinges that I have to move too before I shut the door. I hurry around to the back door and try to shut it but it’s missing a bar to secure it. Standing up on the edge, I peer over and holler to Doug, “I need a bar!” He informs me there is one in the trailer. It’s assumed he doesn’t know where it is and expects me to retrieve it. Angered I reply, “Are you kidding me? It could take me an hour.” Traffic could start moving by then so I give up.

Just after 4 p.m. I awaken.

Breakfast: Biscuit Toaster with Butter and Blackberry Jam. Orange Juice. Zinc, Alfalfa Grain.

Rocky comes over to vacuum again.

Cataloging a few things to put on Craigslist.

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Salt N Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Watching Suspect Zero [2004].

MUSICPLAYER practice at the storage unit with Chris and Kal. Getting more and more excited about this new song.

Chris informs me that your tongue can regenerate itself. After doing some research online, I found that the general public does not believe this, but after reading some more reputable sources it’s said that the tongue does have a regenerative feature allowing it to grow back to it’s original shape if severe damage is caused.

Back at home.

I tell Doug about the annoying dream I had with him last night.

The power to the attic keeps shorting out.

Margot comes over.

Eating a Hard Boiled Egg.

We grab pizza from Chanello’s and watch Fright Night [1985]. Apparently a remake is set to be released in 2011 starring Colin Farrell.

Art walks out to boil some eggs (he eats four of them). I notice a green color around the cut from the bowling alley accident. “Why is it green Art?” “I’m an alien, Robert. My blood is green.” He’s been using this special iodine solution to help disinfect it which stains the skin green. He tells us when the Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened in 1986 they had to drink a special iodide solution to help protect them from radioactive fallout.

Eating a Kiwi.

I decide to take the cone off Ambrotious, giving him a break so he can bathe and groom himself, but supervising him as well to make sure the wound isn’t touched.

Margot found a page from Cosmopolitan sitting on the coffee table and fills out a checklist entitled, “I would like to have sex with you because…” This doesn’t happen tonight though despite my playful persistence. I brought up an idea to her to wait until our trip to DC next week.

Recording at the storage unit.

I am a song architect.

Eating a small bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal.

Sleep around 8 a.m.

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