Friday October 1 2010

DREAM: With James Graves and a few other black friends of ours—one of them is driving the car. They’re trying to get me to a school bus. The girl that’s driving is swerving through traffic like crazy. We get to a gate for the military base—the gate arm lifts quickly. Finally arriving at Ocean Lakes High School right in front of the school bus. I get on. The driver is a big fat white lady. She warns us of the physical endurance we have to handle today at the after school program. The kids are scattered about the bus—noise—talking—yelling. In traffic, I watch a single driver in front us with no car—just kind of floating down the highway. The guy has four arms and has them grappling the edges of the road hopping along similar to the old video game, Frogger. He seems entertained by himself. All of a sudden I’m walking with a crowd of high school kids down the street—everyone is heading to class I guess. I seem to be the only white kid there but I play the role and I seem to have dressed accordingly. I tag alongside of Chris Jordan, an old friend from church. Some kid barges by us hitting Chris’s shoulder without mention or apology. Chris grows an attitude. I’m led to feel the same and we approach this rude kid. “Why would you do that man?!” “Who do you think you are?” Chris shoves the kid a little bit knocking him off balance. Then I notice the kid is Chris’s little brother, Melvin, but nobody seems to care except for me. We forget about him and move on. Another one of Chris’s friends joins us and we walk together, arms around each other. The chorus of a blazin rap song playing in the air as if someone was holding a boom box nearby. Chris and his friend start singing and yelling along. I join with a sudden sensation of being a teenager again—feeling all the angst, freedom, happiness, and no desire for responsibility. We strut down the street amongst all the other teenagers with complete teenage pride and bliss. Thinking to myself what a golden opportunity I have right now to be going back to high school and experiencing this moment.

5:19 p.m. I wake up.

Breakfast: Toasted Bagel Plain with Butter and Blackberry Jam. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin E.

Supposed to have MUSICPLAYER practice this evening but it doesn’t happen. Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to solve one of those word problems on a math test when scheduling a band practice and the variables in the equation keep changing.

I get called into work at China Wok for an hour or so.

Delivering an order on Suhtai Court. A young man in his 20’s answers the door without any words. One of the girls nearby asks, “How much is it?” I notice the ticket reads $19.39 but it could be $19.34, but I go with, “Uh, $19.39 I think.” She hands me two ten-dollar bills and apologizes for the small tip. The man holding the door speaks to me, “You know what happened in 1939? That’s when the great depression was resolved.” “Of course…of course,” I say. The girl tells me not to listen to him in a joking tone.

Thinking about my diet and how my appetite is causing me to crave dinner food at this hour (around 9 o’clock) and skip lunch.

Dinner: Hard Boiled Egg with Mix Vegetables. Steamed Artichoke and Perogies with Yogurt Dill Dip.

Starting Advertising Rules! [2001].

Cleaning up the dishes and wiping the stove, Jamil approaches me and says, “Housekeeping!”

Margot comes over and we decorate the house with silver things for the Homecoming dance tomorrow.

Trying to figure out how to mount the disco ball up on the ceiling. Did it!

Me: “With a roll of Sonic stickers and a good head on your shoulders, you can accomplish anything here at 1623.”

Playing basketball. It’s a beautiful night out.

Eating a bowl of Crisp Rice Cereal with Banana and Brown Sugar.

Recording at the unit.

Eating Peanut Butter Toast.


Sleep around 6:30 a.m.


tristan said...

i find it funny that you describe setting up band practice like solving a word problem.

im curious, what exactly is your diet? ive noticed a trend in the things you eat, but never thought much about it.

James Robert Smith said...

trying to work around different people's schedules is terribly difficult, making band practice like a word problem.

as far as my diet, my body tends to expect certain types of meals at certain times of the day. this particular day screwed around with that it seemed.