Wednesday October 20 2010

Just after 5 p.m. I wake up.

Breakfast: Oatmeal Breakfast Bar. Immune Defense.

Getting my guitar back from Kenny at AL&M.

Just past Newtown Road I discover a small European Market. They have Kinder Chocolate bars and the Kinder Surprise Chocolate Eggs (free toy inside!). I gather up all kinds of candy. One of the three 20-something girls recommends I buy a beer each from their respective countries. I settle for a Czech one but ensure her I’ll be back for more.

Art informs me his computer is broken and he’ll have to re-install windows. He tends to get angry when he’s playing poker online. He threw his mouse down on the corner of the laptop causing damage. “You need to calm down Art!”

On the door is a note left from a guy named Omeed in a band called Midi & the Modern Dance. They were under the impression they were playing a show here, which I had cancelled a while back through email. Apparently they never got it.

Ambrotious jumps on my lap every time I sit down in my computer chair. I can’t help but embrace his furry body.

Meeting Chris and Kal at the storage unit. Noodling on the guitar, while they chat about things—sometimes banging on a tom or clicking against the wall. This would be what I call a makeshift non-practice. Feeling lost in thought and disconnected. Kind of peeved that there doesn’t seem to be a desire to work on songs. Sometimes I feel alone in my ambitions. Maybe I’m too serious about music. Maybe that’s a good thing. I’ve seen the other side: the touring, the successfulness of a band, and the mindset of a determined musician. I will forever have this monkey on my back until it is satisfied, until his thirst is quenched, which I don’t think will ever happen.

Basketball with Art.

Margot comes over. She runs her mouth about how wonderful and magical Disney World and Disney Land is while I make a pizza from scratch using the dough Trader Joes threw out.

Dinner: Pizza with Peppers and Onions. Czech Beer.

Watching Legion [2010] about a story where God sends out his angels to exterminate the human race but Michael, the archangel, helps in the saving of a baby who is dubbed a messiah. A B-movie for sure but a good apocalyptic thriller for a date night.

With Margot outside—standing in the chilly air by her car. Talking about possibly owning a house soon. “I’m gonna change things around here.” As she’s about to drive off I stretch my arms out and say, “This is my kingdom!”

I go for a run around the neighborhood—music blasting in my ears—doing more walking towards the end.


Rearranging at the storage unit.

Sleep 8 a.m.

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