Monday October 4 2010

DREAMS: With Tyler Watts and James Graves—running down the street on the sidewalk. I look up ahead and see James wearing these abnormally large black high heels and he’s hopping like a rabbit. For some reason he and I think it’s so funny and I can’t help but laugh out loud hysterically. We get into a building and step into a small hall-like room with dirt on the ground. The corners are all shadowed except in the center where a rope swing hangs. I grab hold of it and start flying around the room with no control. I jokingly call out for help—swooping right by James and Tyler still thinking about the high heels and laughing with them. ☼☼☼☼☼ Getting out of a tour van with Zach Gehring and Jacob Marshall. They start to head off without me as I notice some of Jacob’s drums and equipment still leaning against the van. “Hey Zach! Have an extra hand?” He comes back and we grab everything we can and go on a long walk to the venue, which is a college in southern Virginia. There are people everywhere. We had picked up a few friends of mine from northern Virginia on the way here. Talking with one of them, “Hey we’re leaving tomorrow at 11am!” I explore past the crowd and into a small room that looks like its connected to a hotel—big bed in the center, TV on the wall. I realize quickly that it’s not just a hotel room but a sexual pleasure room for men. Porn ads start appearing on the TV screen. I’m lying down on the bed with the remote trying to click on the screen but virus protection ads keep popping up. All of a sudden three attractive girls appear. They’ve been assigned to the room. One of them in particular is really pretty to me—her eyes and complexion make me weak—she resembles someone familiar. She starts straddling me backwards. I’m inside her and it’s an amazing feeling. I look over to where a wall should be and it’s opened to a hallway. I’m worried that someone will walk by and see what’s going on. A lady in a red dress passes by and begins watching. I try to disregard the lady and orgasm. An older heavyset man is standing to the right of me naked—he wants to get on top and do some sort of awkward threesome. I decline and let them have at it. I sit over next to the girl caressing her face. She makes some surprised sounds as if she wasn’t expecting the other man’s involvement. “It feels different doesn’t it?” I ask her. Later, I start feeling guilty—afraid to tell Margot what happened.

4:18 p.m. I get out of bed.

In the kitchen Art greets me, “Give me kiss, Robert.” Thinking this is some Russian tradition for his birthday. “No, I’m not giving you kiss, Art.” Turns out what he was really saying was, “Give me keys, Robert,” for the trailer.

Breakfast: Biscuit Toaster with Butter and Blackberry Jam. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin E.

Helping Art and Roma put together the bunk bed. They will be sharing a room now.

Work at China Wok for a few hours.

Lunch: Hard Boiled Egg. Salt N Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Delivering an order on East Wood Villa. I arrive at the same time as a Cal’s Pizza delivery driver. We make our transactions together at the same apartment. The boyfriend takes the pizza and the girlfriend takes the Chinese food. “Well, this doesn’t happen very often.” On the way out he asks me if I got a tip. “Yeah, how bout you?” The boyfriend only gave him about a dollar whereas the girlfriend sent me off with almost three. Hmmm.

The Russians are celebrating Art’s birthday tonight. They go bowling while I concoct a Chocolate Chip Birthday Cookie for Art.

Stretching and exercising.

James Graves comes over.

Eating Dinner: Eggplant Vegetable Mash with Rice and Broccoli. Garlic Bread. PBR.

It’s chilly outside.

We drop in on Art, Jamil, and Roma at Pinboys to see how the bowling game is going.

Art goes to give Jamil a high five and accidentally slams his hand on a beer glass causing the glass to break and causing a big bloody gash in his hand. Later we joke about making him a cone to put on his head so he doesn’t lick his wound like Ambrotious.

Sharing the Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake and drinking Milk.

Playing a few games of Sequence. Art seems extra feisty and sassy tonight.

Jamil fixes the broken globe with Sonic stickers.

Recording at the unit.

Eating a Banana and a small bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheat cereal.


Sleep 7:45 a.m.

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