Saturday October 16 2010

DREAM: At the movie theater—waiting in line to get tickets. Elliott and Emily already have theirs and start moving quickly to get into the auditorium. “Wait! Hold on! Wait for Josiah.” Josiah shows up and we buy our tickets—making our way into the theater. Elliott and Emily shove through an aisle in the middle of the room—the only one that has at least four empty seats. The whole place is crowded already. If we had gotten here earlier good seating would’ve been more realistic. For some reason Elliott and Emily decide not to settle in these seats and start searching for another row. It doesn’t make any sense. Eventually we settle for a row off to the right and in the back of the room. The screen looks small but the curtains start to pull away allowing for a widescreen. The movie is starring Jim Carrey but I can’t remember the title. A cartoon short begins playing on the screen—a plump purple bird flutters around in a computer-generated background. Josiah is sitting to the left of me. We’re on the edge of our seats laughing and acting giddy about the cartoon. I notice Brian Hall, an old friend from high school, sitting to the right of me. He doesn’t seem to recognize me. I thought he was living in England. I decide to make my presence known after the movie is over.

3 p.m. waking up a little earlier than usual.

Breakfast: Toasted English Muffin with Butter and Blackberry Jam. Orange Juice. Zinc, Alfalfa Grain.

Driving to Fredericksburg for the Battle of the Bands tonight. Emily rides in the passenger seat. Having a lengthy conversation about our friends and other miscellaneous topics. Comparing her move from Maryland to Virginia Beach, to a baboon’s social scenario where a baboon will sometimes leave their original gang or family if it feels inadequate or shunned to join a brand new group of baboons.

Feeling a revived sense of friendship between her and I. Road trips tend to do that kind of thing.

She refuses to spoon my egg salad onto the bread so I make a stop to do it myself.

Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwich. Salt N Vinegar Chips. Honey Oolong Tea.

Getting lost on the Mary Washington campus looking for The Great Hall.

There’s about 8 bands scheduled to play tonight—a unique array of genres too. The room is perfectly appropriate for a battle of the bands with two stages facing each other and two gold chandeliers hanging above each. I imagine a scene similar to the movie Scott Pilgrim where giant musical infused electric beasts fly out from our instruments and duke it out.

We (MUSICPLAYER) perform last. Getting positive feedback and compliments from strangers. It’s nice to play in front of fresh ears.

We take first place in the battle with Long Division in second and a band called Galaxy Dynamite! in third. I honestly wasn’t expecting first place but playing music and being rewarded for the songs you spent so much time on constructing is a wonderful feeling.

Driving back from F-burg. Not feeling the need to play any music on the stereo. Emily wraps herself up in the king-size comforter. She’s tickled by the feeling of it, “I’m just a ball of blanket.”

Stopping at a 7-11. Drinking Pumpkin Spice Coffee and Coffee Cake.

She re-tells her mysterious experience with the Ouija board—leading to apocalyptic discussions on the book of Revelation. I relay the things that were taught to me a long time ago in church and my understanding of what happens after the second coming. I go on and on bringing even more clarity to myself as I speak it out loud to her. She’s tired and I can sense her falling asleep just as I come to these conclusions: “True hell is being completely alone. True heaven is being completely with God.”

Finally arriving home.

Talking with Margot for a bit. It wasn’t a very fruitful night at work for her. I try to cheer her up.

Dinner: Edamame with Rice and Mixed Vegetables.

I have a craving for chocolate milk but we have no chocolate syrup. So I make it from scratch using cocoa, water, and sugar. The final product is succulent, sweet, and rich. It’s amazing.

Watching Blackout [2007].

Sleep 8 a.m.

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