Wednesday October 27 2010

DREAM: With a few girls and guys, including Josiah and Felix. We have to join another band in their tour van to make it to the next city. It’s an overnight drive. Standing in the side entrance of the van waiting for the guys to choose their spots. All of them talking to each other about where they’re going to sit, “Where are you sitting?” “I’m going up front.” Looking around, it’s extremely crowded and a tight fit. Finally we can choose our spots. “Where are you sitting Josiah?” “I’m going right here.” He settles down in the back row along with 5 other people. I lie down on the floor right at the end of a row near the door. I have a sleeping bag balled up—on my stomach. All I plan on doing is sleeping. The van starts moving. After a while they make me move to the outside of the van in a makeshift chair—wind blowing in my face—similar to a lookout spot on a boat. I watch Felix on the road lying down on a board with wheels, similar to what car mechanics use to get under cars. He tries to do this trick where he jumps up from the board suddenly and grabs the telephone/electrical wire. He misses and stumbles back on the ground—the van still moving. I say out loud, “Awhhhh!” along with the others. Somehow, he’s back on the board and still in front of the van. The driver starts showing these film clips of people doing crazy aerobatic tricks. Being where I am with the danger of falling off, I didn’t think this to be an appropriate thing for me to watch. I watch anyways getting a thrill out of it.

5:30 p.m. I wake up.

My ceiling fan is on the highest setting making it room temp comfortable, but the whole house is hot. Our A/C is not working properly.

Breakfast: Toasted Bagel with Butter and Blackberry Jam. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin E.


Art and I play tennis.

In the passenger seat of Art’s car going home, I see Doug in his white Oldsmobile waiting at the stoplight on the corner of First Colonial near Wawa. I throw a green apple at him hoping it will pass into his window but it misses and hits the hood of his car.

As we arrive home there’s cop cars crowding the streets. On the porch with Elaina, her dad, Kenneth, and Doug. The officers scour the grounds of the house next door and across the street with flashlights—the female officer is armed with a rifle in hand pointing towards the sky ready for action. I question everyone on the porch if they know what this is all about. Kenneth confesses it may have something to do with his archery antics earlier. Eventually, a cop approaches and asks if anyone knows anything about someone using a bow and arrow. After an awkward silence that lasts for about 5 seconds, Kenneth fesses up and there’s a long conversation between him and the cops—G.I. Jane still holding her rifle.

Eating lunch on the porch, all of us listening to Kenneth tell stories and rant on as usual. At some point he holds up his bow and arrow and faces the street yelling, “I am the fucking greatest archer!” The presence of Elaina’s dad adds an interesting dynamic to the group. Kenneth walks off for a little bit and her dad says, “I used to be just like him when I geeked out.”

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Salt N Vinegar Chip. Honey Green Tea.

Elaina discovers a mushroom growing in our bathroom in the corner where the tub meets the wood floor. (photo above not actual mushroom in bathroom) “Wow! That’s crazy. I’ve never seen that before.”

In my bedroom, Doug is sitting on the floor. Sharing his latest thrift store finds including a ton of cool t-shirts, one that he lets me borrow indefinitely, a red U.S.S.R. shirt. We talk for quite some time. I share tour stories with him—some of the pranks we did on each other—listening and analyzing the good and bad parts of Mae songs. He shows me his Youtube socks he got from the CMJ festival, which are just tube socks that say Youtube. Haha. Get it?

Apparently there have been a lot of UFO sightings this past year in China, one recently shut down an airport: The logical widespread explanation: military related experiments. But who knows for sure? It’s starting to get real up in here.

Doug: “People be crazy.”

Also, water was discovered on the moon. About a billion gallons of it just in one crater near the south pole, enough to fill 1,500 Olympic sized swimming pools. They say this is enough to keep to supply a lunar base.

Eating Vanilla Yogurt with Strawberries and Clementines.

Because of all the things that were going on I became indisposed from my phone. Margot tried to get in touch with me about seeing each other tonight or tomorrow. Finally getting back with her over the phone. She’s upset, “I’m so mad at you right now.” I suggest something for tomorrow since she has to go to bed soon for work early in the morning, “Let’s make plans for tomorrow, baby.” It’s not good enough for her. She won’t drop it. Everything is dramatic in her world. Her needs. My needs. Two different things except for the basics. Deeper issues are brought up on her end.

Eating a bowl Cabbage and Potato Skillet with White Kidney Beans. And Garlic Biscuit Toasters.

Watching My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done [2009].

Cinnamon Bun and Milk.

Recording at the storage unit.

Sleep 8:15 a.m.

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