Sunday October 10 2010

DREAMS: On some kind of spaceship in outer space. I’m a part of a team of people collecting information and doing studies in another solar system. Steve Martin is the leader of the group. There’s a big dark room I have to keep entering to tend to a mechanical light attached to a wall—inside this is where all the information is kept. Working with the others to hurry up the process because something bad is going to happen soon. But it’s too late—it’s already begun. The story takes on a form similar to DOOM where demon monsters take over the ship. I’m experiencing a deep psychological trauma at this point—anxiety and stress. Steve Martin congregates us into a room down the hall where he says he’s retreated and survived when this happened before. In this room are small individual fitting rooms similar to bathroom stalls—spaces underneath the doors and overhead. Each one of us has to sit on the benches in the stalls quietly and tuck our feet in so they can’t be seen on the outside. I find my place with another comrade. We hear the muffled noises of the evil monsters through the walls. Strangers start waltzing into the room investigating each stall. They seem to be zombies. I notice our door is unlocked so I grip the knob real tight in case they try to open it, which they soon start doing. I can see them clearly—their evil possessed faces but somehow they look normal. I’m pretty sure they can see us now. They leave and more zombies and strange creatures search the rooms. I keep a firm grip on the knob. We can’t just sit here like this. We have to get out of this room. I notice the ceiling is tiled like in a school or an office building. I reach up to remove a tile and jump up through it. The others will have to fend for themselves. The monsters will never find me here. I tip toe above the ceiling. It’s made of wooden boards similar to an attic. It’s hot. The air is stale and there are cobwebs everywhere. I keep flailing my arms to get rid of them. The more I explore the area the bigger it seems—the size of a warehouse now. And there are zombies and monsters in here! One darts for me. I start flapping my arms to do my typical dream flying. I float high up on the catwalk. The monster is jumping up with intensity with the aim to kill. My adrenaline is pumping. It’s either fight or flight. I decide to fight. Somehow I manage the ability to grab hold of him and slam his body a few times against a pole underneath me. He’s gone. But he’s not the only one around. I high tail it down a slope. The intricate wood structured attic is getting to me. I make it to the other side. It’s a sanctuary. People are scattered about in the pews—all of them zombies. Some aren’t as out of control as others. Some still have a sense of humanity. Switch to a scene in a bedroom of some kind. I’m with a guy girl couple. The guy is me but somehow I’m separate and can move about in my own body. We need sleep. I’m analyzing the fireplace. There’s a rusted cage covering up the opening. The monsters could easily break through this and I hear them growling from a distance. I try to tighten and secure it. A boom box stereo on the ledge keeps turning on by itself playing some a cappella version of theme music from the DOOM video game. I unplug the cord. They’re really trying to scare us. It seemed we were safe here but we have to get out now! I make it to a courtyard outside. This is the end of the level. I find the red switch button on the green slimy wall. I touch it and the black exit portal appears out of the ground. Zombies with machine guns are everywhere shooting and shooting and shooting. Brown imps are throwing their orange mucus balls. I’m dodging every shot and returning fire. Finally I get atop the portal and the scene freezes. I made it out alive.

I wake up ☼☼☼ back to sleep.

I’ve made it to the second level. With a friend. We stop in a field. Blankets have been hung up in some trees creating a barrier for a large bunny rabbit. I thought this was funny because in the video game version of the DOOM storyline the character has a pet bunny. A group of zombies pull up in a car. I try to stay hidden behind the blankets as they get out of the car and sneak around. One of them is Marilyn Manson. I start running very fast through the neighborhood across the street—climbing a fence and jumping down. He’s hot on my tail. Eventually, we begin walking casually as if there is no hostility between us anymore. He tells me about his band playing a show with Wesley’s band, Long Division. Thinking to myself, Marilyn Manson’s band is playing with Long Division? Despite the contrast in the line-up I ask if my band can join the bill. He seems okay with it…

4 p.m. I wake up.

Breakfast: Toasted English Muffin with Butter and Blackberry Jam. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin E.

Work at China Wok for a few hours.

Lunch: Two Hard Boiled Eggs. Salt N Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Number of Non-Tippers for this shift: 1

First Non-Tipper

Race/Description: African-American woman in her 30’s

General Location: Arbre Court off Winwood Drive

Type of Residence: Medium Sized Apartment

Quality of Residence (5-Star Rating): ***

Amount of Order: Over $39.51

Friendly/Non-Friendly: Neutral

As I’m leaving the restaurant, I look over at Border’s and discover the most beautiful array of colors in the sky. The sun is at the end of it’s setting. There’s an orange brown tint just above the building on the horizon turning into a dark blue—streetlights glowing and enhancing the view.

Stretching and exercising to Mozart in the living room.

Margot and I start our journey to DC. Snacking on Grapes. The mood is light. I give her a narrative of the dream I had last night. Explaining how I got pulled over a lot when I was younger and first started driving. At one point there seems to be a lull in the conversation so I decide to pull out a book. All of a sudden she’s offended by the fact I want to read. This sparks an upsetting argument that lasts too long for it’s own good. After a little while of silence I lean over and put my arm around her and nuzzle my face into her shoulder. Everything is fine.

Eating leftover Pasta Shells with Cheddar Cheese and Mushrooms.

Finally arriving at the hotel in Alexandria. She puts on this purple sexy one piece she recently bought. A little lovemaking.

Eating a bowl (or rather Tupperware container) of Crisp Rice cereal with Brown Sugar.

“Cereal is the perfect thing to eat after sex.”

Margot slips off to sleep. I take a shower and decide to go for a night walk and smoking a Sampoerna. The spotlights mounted on the side of the hotel building catch my eye. Taking some long exposure shots with my camera. A tour bus is parked in a shadowy end of the parking lot with only one streetlight pole—a ghostly hue. There’s a small white catholic church nearby. Sitting under the Virgin Mary reading the second DOOM novel.

Sleep around 5 a.m.

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