Saturday October 2 2010

11:08 a.m. waking up. It’s early…so early.

Breakfast: Toasted Bagel Plain with Butter and Blackberry Jam. Immune Defense.

Starting my ten-hour shift at China Wok.

Wow. It’s slowwwww.

Daydreaming…reading…basking in the hot van.

I stop at Target and Big Lots for some groceries, and then home for a while—loving on the cat and rubbing around his head where he can’t get to because of the cone—making Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Peach Yogurt. Honey Green Tea. Reading some articles about how the U.S government is trying to demolish WikiLeaks.

Emily informed me that her iphone was stolen last night at a Wawa near Richmond. Today, a girl who found it in the bathroom but didn’t trust the Wawa employees to return it contacted Emily. I told Emily, when she goes to pick up her iphone from the girl, tell her these exact words, “You’re one of the few good ones.” That’s what was said to me when I returned a cell phone to a guy who’d lost it near a Wawa.

Delivering an order on Piney Branch. I knock. I hear chatter behind the door, “Who the fuck is that?” “I don’t know. It’s some skinny white dude with glasses.” Finally, the door opens. It’s a sporty white girl in baggy grey sweatpants and bling around her neck. A few other similar type girls are hanging around on the couch. I make mention that I heard what she said and repeated it back jokingly.

Eating Salt N Vinegar Chips.

Driving out of the shopping plaza to the restaurant, I observe a guy in a jeep brake suddenly behind a car that just pulled out in front of it. He yells out, “You idiot!” The car slows down, and then continues on. The light is green up ahead but the car stops cautiously for a black lady with a baby carriage crossing the road—the jeep follows wanting to make a right turn. The guy is furious, “GOOOOOOO!” The growl in his voice and the whole hilarity of the situation causes me to laugh out loud. I’m no different than that guy in the jeep. I’ve had my share of impatience on the road.

Dinner: Vegetable Lo Mein.


Tyler Yowell deejays. There’s dancing. There’s drinking. There’s laughing. There’s loving. Spending time with beautiful friends on such a beautiful night.

Somebody broke the globe in the living room. I thought the pieces fit nicely above the history book. “The American Vision: World Collapse”

Art piles a few of us into his room to share a special drink and to share a secret regarding his age.

Mingling and having scattered conversations from light hearted to personal.

Eating a bowl of Crisp Rice Cereal with Brown Sugar and Banana.

Rusty and Daniel bring back two garbage bags full of bread from Trader Joe’s.

Daniel: “Bread freezes amazing!”

The dancing ensues pretty much all night.

Eventually, I get in the car with her and we drive down the street parking by an abandoned business building. She’s beautiful. I hold her in a desperate sort of way pretending to be a vampire like I usually do. Since she’s hooked on True Blood I always thought she might like that. The sexual ecstasy. We hear motorcycle sounds nearby—she thinks they’re ghosts. The endorphins racing through my body, lasting a while. She thinks my blogs are silly. But memorializing the significant and beautiful moments in life are crucial to me. It almost immortalizes them. It’s always there. I can go back and read it whenever I want. And so can anybody else. Sharing is important to me.

Eating some delicious bread rolls and trying to mellow out.

I take the cone of shame off the cat for a bit just to give him a break from it and so I can observe him. He still wants to lick his nasty gash, which doesn’t really look all that better. It almost looks like a small bullet wound from a BB gun.

Sleep around 6:45 a.m.

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