Thursday June 30 2011

Waking up around 1:30 p.m.

I love morning sex, even when it’s short lived. After we’re done she lies down with a pleasant huff.

Me: “We’re having rough sex soon.”

She falls back to sleep while I prepare a birthday breakfast for the both of us: Eggs, Hash Browns (sort of), Biscuits, and Bacon. I set everything up on the card table downstairs. Anthony and Dustin join in.

Before she leaves I reflect a little bit on last night’s episode trying to be genuine about it. She just listens—half the details she barely remembers, which is frustrating. I don’t have any tolerance or patience for this anymore but “I love you so much.” [bite on her thigh and kiss on her bosom].

Kroger—their watermelons are 10 times bigger than usual and only $3.99. One of the deli guys cuts one up and confirms I’ve picked the best.

Google work.

At the storage unit practicing with Chris and Cj—still teaching him the rest of our songs. Towards the end, in the middle of a take, we get approached by the people that own the facility as well as live on site. They heard us from outside and basically told us we can’t be playing music here. The owner before never had an issue with this but she’s since been replaced. This really sucks. This has been my haven for music making for 3 years or so. The lady isn’t too rude about it and promises to ask corporate if we can be an exception since we haven’t caused any problems before and we’re respectful. Despite, the guy with her seems to appreciate our sound and makes a comment about how he wants to drink beers with us sometime and watch us play. So I guess we’ll see what happens.

Frustrated outside talking with Chris, “This is why I wanted to buy that house months ago so I could have a place that I own to make music in!”

Stephanie Lou shows up with her friend Cassie Guido to take pictures of the unit—it’s going to be a possible scene in her movie where the band plays a show—turns out that I’m going to be playing a character named Cooper who is pretty much like me already. She brought Chris and I a 6 pack of Mickey’s—sipping a bottle—everyone else is smoking slims or other choice cigarettes. Stephanie’s stoked about the space. Looking over the script. She even integrated Margot into it. The line being, “I have my Margot.” She teases me about her, “So when are you gonna put a ring on it and have Musicplayer babies?”

Me: “[ha] Musicplayer babies?”

Back home. They followed me here to take a few pictures of my room for another possible scene.

Sharing carrots with Cassie—she does this weird thing where she grinds circular grooves around the body of the carrot with her teeth before she takes a bite.

Dinner: Leftover Hibachi Chicken Friend Rice. Honey Green Tea.

Messing around with this new melody on guitar that we played with a little bit earlier at practice.

Google work.

Random appearance from James—he’s a little drunky and excited about the progress being made with a girl he’s interested in.

On the phone with Margot—talking about whatever. She playfully reiterates how overprotective she gets over anyone with a vagina that tries to interact with me—using a wolf metaphor—wishing she were a wolf so that she could growl at any bitch that tries to hit on her man.

Sleep 4 a.m.

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