Monday July 4 2011

DREAM: Walking with Anthony through a chaotic beach scene—kids and parents running around with coolers and plastic sand pales and chairs. It’s as if we’re being filmed too and all the people are actors or extras for the movie. It feels like one of those long 15-minute camera takes with no cuts. Everything feels real but it’s all for the movie. I see a tsunami in the distance and we brace ourselves. The water crashes down drowning almost everything—all of us swimming and trying to stay afloat. I’m not scared though. Nobody is. Because we know it’s a controlled variable. Eventually Anthony and I find a way out. Now we’re walking in the city. It’s nighttime.

Me: “I always wondered what a tsunami would look like in the city.” But nothing here seems to be effected by the tall waves we just experienced earlier. It’s understood the city is just too gargantuan and has some sort of protection. I start explaining to Anthony how much that beach scene reminded me of a movie I saw recently. We get into a debate on which movie has the best long continuous shot. He runs off because he’s really excited to explore the city. I follow.

Waking up just before I have to be at work.

Breakfast: Two White Peaches and a Plum. Vitamin Water.

All day shift at China Wok.

It’s a slow afternoon for Chinese food.

Lunch: Egg Sandwich with Tomato and Mayonnaise. Kettle Cooked Potato Chips with Avocado. Honey Green Tea.

Taking a break at the house for lunch—watching Kevin play a video game called Prototype where the only goal is to wreak havoc in the big city.

Delivering an order on Hill Meadow Drive. Two black dudes hanging outside next door to where my customer is. The one with big dreads gets my attention, “Hey! I know it’s a stupid question but how come I don’t see white people or black people delivering Chinese food? You’re the only the one!”

Vanilla Yogurt and Watermelon.

The sky just cracked open—the rain is pouring down in bucketfuls.

The orders keep coming and I keep going.

As I’m walking out the door to get in my car I catch one of the most beautiful displays of lightening I’ve ever seen. Perfect timing. The electric veins covered almost the entire sky—but only for a second. The fireworks at the beach were canceled, but who needs manmade fireworks when we have Nature’s fireworks.

Delivering an order out near Shipps Corner. I park the car and leave it running like I usually do. Passing two dudes hanging out by the stairs sipping on alcohol. The customer’s on the third floor. I look out over the balcony. The guys are scoping out my car and laughing. I come back downstairs and they confess to me with smiles, “Sorry dude, we were just gonna hop in and drive it around the block. We thought it’d be funny.” He gives me some dap with his hand.

Me: “I probably would’ve took that seriously cause it’s been a long day. See you guys later.”

Dinner: Vegetable Lo Mein.

Finally off.

The Russians are having an Independence Day party at their house. Piling a bunch of people in my car—grabbing the sound system—and preparing ourselves for the liveliest night of the summer.

Sharing a round of Flaming Sambuca drinks—Roma acts as bartender.

Gabe Niles and his friend are throwing down on the turntables—spinning dance beats and inspiring movement in the crowd.

Margot’s being her sweet adorable jealous self. Just keep kissing her and giving her attention. Love her. Encourage her to come with you into a closet and make out. And that’s exactly what we do, but no sex, just sexy things. She’s great. I love her.

Back home…eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Random appearance from a naked Josh—he runs down the stairs and plops down on the black leather couch scarring a Belgium couch surfer whose staying the night.


Sleep 4:30 a.m.

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