Monday July 25 2011

DREAM: Entering a building that’s supposed to be my townhome complex, Chanticleer, but it looks different than in waking life, and I have to take a sketchy elevator to get to my dwelling. The wooden door and metal cage barely shuts properly—car moving up. In the hall—I’m approached by a black girl with intention of robbing me or causing harm. At this point I have complete control over the scene—I think. And it happens. ☼☼☼ Kenneth appears and gives me a Walkie Talkie. He’s doing his thing as usual attempting to talk my ear off with his plans and ideas. Rachel and I in the kitchen…opening the fridge to find it packed to the brim with everything. Someone sliced all the tomatoes we dumpster dived and put them into Tupperware….☼☼☼ Walking across the grass. Kenneth corralled a group of Mexicans to do his dirty work—there’s no telling what it is they’re doing but I catch them running around the corner as if something big just went down. I don’t pay any mind—playing dumb. I’m about to walk inside another building but baseballs are being tossed at me from people about 100 yards away. It’s some kind of game to see who can throw the farthest. I pick one up and toss them back but they yell back not to. I step inside the building. It’s understood that we just moved here. It’s unusually big with 5 or 6 bedrooms. There’s a second floor visible from where I’m standing. I crawl up the side and through the air duct—big enough to fit my body. A small black dog passes me. He looks ruffed up, leaving a blood trail in his path. Exploring further up the vent. The siding is loose and I can lift it up and peek through to other’s bedrooms: a girl sitting and working on her computer. It’s a dead end. I flip over and go back the other way. Out on the balcony I watch as some kind of dogfight goes down, except there’s a mouse in the center of the circle being attacked. I spot a few of the Mexicans Kenneth hired. I hop across the other side. The layout of this house is rather strange. There’s a mini-fridge perched high on the counter and cabinets near the ceiling out of reach. How is this even functional? I look to the left and see a stage set up with instruments and amps ready to be played. I think I’m gonna like this new place…

Alarm goes off at 11:06 a.m.

Breakfast: Banana. Orange Juice. Zinc.

All day shift at China Wok.

Margot’s peeved about the little segment of writing I posted yesterday that Raven and I wrote on the spot. According to her it was a “love poem analogy”.

Me: “you really shouldn’t take everything i write at face value. i didn’t compose the whole thing. and it’s barely a love poem…like it has a kids book feel. i have a crush on you remember?”

Margot: “…You KNOW I don’t like sharing and that’s especially true with you.”

Me: “you’re cute when you get possessive.”

Rachel makes a surprise visit at work and rides around with me on some orders…

“Every delivery driver should have a sidekick. You’re my sidekick.”

Stop by the house for food. Lauren has Maury on television. “You are NOT the father!”

Anthony: “Are you China Woking?”

Rachel: “Yeah I’m China Woking.”

Anthony: “I’m jealous.”

Lunch: Egg Sandwich with Tomato and Mayonnaise. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Lemonade.

Sitting down at the table in the restaurant—leaning my cheek uncomfortably on my right arm—napping.

Figs and XXX Vitamin Water.

Storm. Rain. Lightening. Thunder. Waterfall from the Sky. Torrential Downpour. Sloshing my holey Vans through the deep puddles in the parking lots ankle deep. Defroster not working too well because my A/C is broke. Umbrella in use. Pity tips are a plus. “Twenty thousand leagues under the Chinese Sea….”

The power went out at China Wok for 30 or so minutes…

Finally off…settling down with a Vegetable Lo Mein…lounging in Darren’s room with everybody.

Raven brought over home baked Oopsyourcargottowed cupcakes.

Sipping on a Vienna Style Lager and Red Wine…

Kevin: “James I heard your sideburns were registered as lethal weapons.”

Referring to my loner tendencies…James: “Robert doesn’t hang out with his friends. His friends hang around him.”

It’s a nice chill night with friends…

Anthony thinks it’d be a good idea to hide my keys somewhere without me knowing. What a jerk.

Sleep 4:30 a.m.

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