Thursday July 7 2011

Waking up just after 11:15 a.m.

Breakfast: Orange Juice. Peaches.

Hot Yoga at Zen Hot Yoga Studios. This time it’s much more bearable and feels more natural—the sweat trickling off my legs and arms and face—following our yoga master—she has such perfect form and structure.

Afterwards, grabbing a bite to eat with Gillian at the Farmer’s Market Country Grill—she has such strong opinions and is very forward when it comes to relationships. This seems to be our hot topic whenever we make conversation.

Eating an Egg Salad Sandwich with French Fries dipped in Honey Mustard, which has recently been reintroduced in my life.

Meeting with a tax professional—getting some advice on how to file taxes as an independent contractor.


Chris and I borrow Long Division’s practice space in Norfolk for the night—rehearsing the songs we’ll be recording next week in the studio. It’s in a storefront next to a hole in the wall barbershop where a black man sits making conversation in his mind.

Afterwards I decide to visit Emily and Doug and Jon at their new apartment off Stockley Gardens. The smell of baked goodness coming from the kitchen—Emily’s making something special. Ambrotious is being his cute mischievous cat self—his collar bell jingling wherever he goes. Doug hasn’t lost his love for vintage t-shirts—showing me some of his latest finds.

Back home—the house is crowded with people like it’s never been before. It was supposed to be Bad Movie Night but for some reason we never get around to actually watching the 1981 film called Knightriders with Ed Harris and Medieval knights on motorcycles.

Drinking a few beers while the commotion progresses around me—The Complimentary Kitchen, where as soon as somebody walks into the kitchen they receive a compliment—music on the laptop—the girls dancing in my room in freedom and spirit to a Hype Machine playlist while Tristan and I watch—taking the video camera and filming all the liveliness—there’s a soul train shoulder massage in the living room—there’s just too much going on to fully describe even the gist of everything.

Some thoughts from Rachel: In a muse-muse relationship no one gets hurt. In a muse-artist relationship one person would be infatuated with the other and could easily get hurt. And it’s up to the artist if it will work. And artist-artist relationships will never work.

“Some days it might be up to her but it’s up to you everyday.”

Sleep 4 a.m.

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