Thursday June 24 2010

DREAM: With a friend. We ‘re sliding down a long stairwell but there are no steps and the flooring is made of ice and snow so we can swoop down at an incredible speed. Once we reach the bottom which takes about 5 minutes to do, I walk around the corner and pass by these classrooms with little kids in them. A little girl pops out of the door and is surprised I am there. She’s kind of scared and tells the teacher. Somehow, I just leave the scene and I’m with my friend again. There’s a table. I grab a bag out of this plastic container and jokingly I say, “And I’ll take a Becca to go,” referring to my friend Becca. Not sure why this is funny.

3:34 p.m. getting out of bed.

Run to Big Lots and Target.

Breakfast: Toasted Bagel with Butter and Blackcurrant Jam. Orange Juice. Zinc and Vitamin E.

Quick rehearsal at the unit with Kal.

Setting up the house for the show.

Smoothie with Yogurt, Sugar, Peaches, Blueberries, Plum.

Jon and Grace show up to the house a little early. Catching up a little with Jon.

House Show with Musicplayer, Dylan Gilbert, and Ken-Chan.

Feeling good about the show and performances. Enjoying the night with others…drinking…making Grilled Cheeses for everyone and eating Salt N Vinegar Chips…Charades.

Sitting on the couch scrolling through pictures from the night with Kelly. She’s watching me recount my dream. Art, Roma, and Jamil are trying to play Unreal but we can’t remember the password to the desktop computer.

Wesley walks in the door, soaking wet from the rain and sits down next to me. He explains to me a dream he had recently. He also tells me about the necessary things I should bring with me when traveling which include a towel, a blanket, a pillow, and a cape. “What are you going to use the cape for Wesley?!” “For flying…” Then he tells me how a towel can be all of these things.

Dylan Gilbert and his band are spending the night as they are on tour right now. Margot sticks around and is adamant about putting on The Last Unicorn to which she does.

Watching the footage from the show.

Thinking about my diet today and how much less I ate compared to most days. I am certain it was the combination of the summer heat and the lack of down time. I also think socializing to the extent that I did distracted me from any kind of appetite. Just as I am considering all these things I get a craving for cereal.

Eating a bowl Corn Flakes with Brown Sugar and Honey. Noticing how similar it tastes to Frosted Flakes.

Researching what’s wrong with this particular Canon Powershot camera I have to sell.

Sleep around 7 a.m.

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