Friday June 25 2010

DREAM: I’m with a dark-skinned girl who is a stranger to me. She’s wearing tight white-wash jeans and a red shirt. Running through the city. We find a door that leads to a stairway, like in a second story apartment. Halfway up I start dry humping her from behind. See-through glass on the door – concerned about the people walking by and catching us in the act. We move upstairs into a big bedroom. On the bed together with white sheets. She’s straddling me. I look up and somehow she is a white ceiling fan, her head sticking out. “Pull your legs out!” I’m frustrated because of her missing body. Finally, she’s back to normal and we’re having sex, her red shirt and her underwear still on. A hostile black man and a whole gang barge into the room. The girl and I freeze in our positions. I’m still inside her. The man pulls out a small grey gun and begins to shoot at us. I notice after a few seconds that his gun isn’t releasing any kind of bullets or ammo but just blasts of air, completely harmless. In my mind I consider the room part of a hotel and I shout out loud, “I don’t care about privacy. I just want a bed!” ☼☼☼☼☼ Standing in the show room of my house – speaking into the microphone recounting a previous dream where my old youth pastor, Christy, is driving a white 15-passenger van and I’m in the passenger seat plugging into the mid-console an SD memory card containing episodes of Ren and Stimpy on it which belonged to Christy. While retelling my dream, it seems nobody is listening to me. I walk into the living room where a strange man is sitting on the grey couch. All of a sudden, he is lying on the floor face down squashing his own head as if it was moldable playdough – his other hand is squeezing my right bare foot just enough to feel uncomfortable but not cause any pain. Now he is sitting back on the couch dead and lifeless. His legs and arms are twitching and his eyes are caved into their sockets. I realize he is still a threat to me because he is a zombie now so I try to get away and head towards the back door. He follows quickly behind. I try to open the door just as he attaches himself to my arm. Walking outside – it is daylight. There is a pond/water fountain in front of me. My mother, who doesn’t even look like my real mom, is cleaning and working knee deep in the water. I am only able to squelch out, “Help me,” very quietly for some reason – zombie man still trying to hurt me. As soon as she looks over, the zombie man stops attacking. I realize this will be my strategy. There is a maid working on the fountain to the right also looking over to me. My unfamiliar mother and the maid get back to work and the zombie continues attacking. I cry out again. They look. Zombie stops. I turn around and he has transformed into a giant blow-up dungeon-like cage. I pick him up and throw him into the fountain – zombie man face down and hopefully drowning.

Waking up from a hard sleep. Getting out of bed around 5:16 p.m.

Breakfast: Toasted Bagel with Butter and Blackcurrant Jam. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin E, Alfalfa Grain.

I get called into work because of Daniel, my coworker. His girlfriend had to go to the hospital. She’s in her last term of pregnancy.

Work at China Wok.

Cessily, my boss, explains to me the Chinese custom after a woman has a baby which entails the woman staying in doors for at least 30 days. This is called the “sitting month”. Also, how important ginger is in the diet and in cleaning the hands before handling the baby.

Watching some of Mad Max over Linner (dinner and lunch): Cod Fish Fillets with Tartar Sauce and Malt Vinegar. Steamed Asparagus. Jasmine Rice with Onions and Garlic. Mango Oolong Tea.

Sipping on Iced Coffee and playing a few hours of Unreal with Art, Roma, and Jamil.

Roma and I team up against Art at Capture the Flag and win. An overwhelming sense of joy! Being that Art is an expert at this game, this makes for a surreal victory and accomplishment.

Dylan and his band needed to spend the night again after not being able to find a place after their show in Richmond. Out on the porch with them, Art, and Jamil discussing how many visits to the bathroom everybody in the house makes everyday. As a household, we average 16 –20 visits a day, not including guests.

Walking to Kmart at 3 a.m. and eating a Plum and a Peach.

Waiting in line. A heavy set white girl wearing black baggy JNCO pants with chains and a Korn t-shirt is checking out at the register before me. The cashier who is an older black lady is making light conversation. The Korn girl: “I don’t go to the beach. Too many tourists.”

Walking back home, enjoying the summer night air and smoking a Sampoerna.

Eating a bowl of Corn Flakes with Brown Sugar on the porch.

Cereal is one of those sensations you look forward to, but when it comes it only lasts for less than a minute and it’s gone.

I leave to go to the storage unit to unload some equipment. The guys from Dylan’s band are still hanging out on the porch and Margot is cuddled up with one of them.


Sleep around 7 a.m.

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