Friday June 11 2010


DREAM: Playing some kind of recreational activity with a lot of people. After the game is done everybody starts sounding out words in Russian…“хлеб (bread)” “яйцо (egg)” “четыре (4)” “мужчина (man)” “женщина (woman)” “мяч (ball)”

Waking up. 12:02 p.m.

I start back my summer job at the ice cream shop on the fishing pier.

Dinking Orange Juice.

Aaron is working the booth.

Reading Adbusters Magazine.

“…transitioning gracefully from the age of excess to the era of frugality.”
– Richard Heinberg

“So get out and walk. And stop your constant worrying. Stop stressing out over every little thing. Stop imagining the worst. Dementia begins there.”
– Priscilla Long, from “My Brain on My Mind,” The American Scholar

Margot rides to the pier with her new bike decked out with pink and silver streamers on the handlebars and a peacock bicycle bell. She visits me at work.

Me: “It’s typical for women to plan things in their head…secretly scheming to make something happen.”

She’s exhausted and doesn’t feel like riding back home. So I give her a ride.

Putting her bike up in the shed and enjoying the smells, “I would love to have my own workshop like this…like a place to fix things.”

Her: “Like a man cave.”

In her room, asking me advice on which dress she should wear for her birthday.

What is it about a dress on a woman that destroys any kind of resistance I try to have? Nothing changes. It’s the same body, same person. But a complimentary dress accentuates what’s already there. It brings out her attractive nature. It grabs me and pulls me in with my imagination. Obviously this only ends in an early evening ecstasy.

Eating Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

At Tijuana Flats with Emily and Emma.

Using some coupons that came in the mail for a free entrée.

I eat two Fish Tacos with Chips and Salsa.

For dessert, Cookie Dough Flautas and Churros.

Emily tries the hottest hot sauce they have there, not handling it very well. One of the managers walks over and recommends pouring a packet of sugar on the tongue to soak up the hotness.

Emily is pacing outside the doorway to my room like that scene in Clueless when Alicia Silverstone paces outside her Dad’s doorway wanting advice until he asks her what’s up. 

Emily is surprised by what’s in her trashcan.
Me: “His seed is spoiled at this point.” 

We start having a man-to-man talk about our unique relational issues.
Me: “You’ve got it easy compared to me.”

Elliott, James, and Margot come over. We light up a fire inside a barrel in the backyard.

Scheduling studio time at Earth Sound.

Playing DOOM.

Eating Watermelon and Yogurt with Blueberries.

Storage unit to practice.

Snacking on Oriental Rice Crackers.

Watching Nell (1994), a movie about a woman living alone in the woods who creates her own language.

Sleep around 5 a.m.

[i] Circa 1920’s.

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