Monday June 14 2010

About 9 a.m. I sense another person in my room. I look over and Emily is on the floor sleeping. Apparently, Art told her to come in here because his friends who had just come in from Russia were in the living room talking.

Me: “I can move the mattresses and put yours out so you can sleep on it.”

Emily: “No that’s okay. I’m fine.”

Back to sleep…

DREAM: I’m with somebody in their bedroom. They have a lot of pets. I see a big cage with small inhabiting grizzly bears. The baby bear is tearing open the gate that’s blocking him in. I express my concern to the person I’m with. They seem to be certain nothing bad will happen. But the baby bear escapes. All of a sudden the bears that are still in the cage morph into abnormal creatures with big mouths and nasty sharp teeth similar to what a character in Labyrinth would look like. Their grunts and roars are loud. I can’t understand why somebody would own a pet like this. ☼☼☼☼☼ At night, in the middle of a field, in a small arena meant for combat, like a death match level in a video game. There are two teams. I’m up against a giant-like man – pouring a container of black sand or ash on him. He’s mean and not playing fair. Now I’m a white rabbit running around and trying to hide from him. I find a gate opening and escape out of from the arena. The giant man follows me with his team. I flap my arms gaining momentum and float higher and higher away from the man and into the wild night. Eventually, I come to a certain part of the woods – yellow eyes glowing in the dark – hearing different animals from the woods sounding out their animal titles: “Deer!” “Bear!” “Duck!” “Lion!” “Snake!”

Waking up 1:48 p.m.

Breakfast: Hot Oat Bran with Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Blueberries, and Milk. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin E, Alfafla Grain.

Loading a queen size mattress on the top of my van and delivering it to a lady on Cooperstown Court – a Spanish mother originally from The Valley in Texas. She has such a joyful smile and personality along with her son. Wearing a thin blue top and blue jeans, there’s a beauty about her that I really like.

I’m selling a whole bunch of stuff for my Mom’s friend Tammy. I go to her storage unit to assess the products and load some of them to bring home.

Back at home, My Favorite Highway is doing a private performance tonight at the house. They sold about 15 tickets for it. Talking with the lead singer about their house show tour. Michelle (Michellesaurus) brings dinner for them made from scratch.

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Salt N Vinegar Chips. Mango Oolong Tea. Peach.

Practice at the storage unit with Chris – setting the tempos for songs. Kal comes later.

Back at the house eating Michelle’s homemade Pasta with Chicken and Beans. Roasted Potatoes with Peppers. Arizona Sweet Tea.

Talking with Art and his friend Roma on the porch. Joking about how Roma’s friend is working tonight. It’s funny that he was able to get a job the day he arrived in the country whereas some people, American citizens, struggle for months trying to find a job.

Meeting Becca at Waffle House.

Me: “It’s not a ‘what if’. It’s ‘what is’ that’s important.”

Drinking Coffee with Cream and Sugar…

Becca is texting, interrupting my ranting of the day. Noticing a mild annoyance coming from my end she says in a light mannered way, “You tend to get upset with your close friends don’t you? The more I get to know you the more upset you are.”

Analyzing a black man with a blue tooth sitting at the bar with his steaming hot plate. After a while, the rain begins to pour. And the man darts out of his stool yelling “Ooohhh shiiit!” and running to his convertible to pull over the top.

Jermel, our usual waiter, plays the traditional Al Green song on the jukebox, the one that begins with that sweet guitar trill and warm organ sound.

Eating a Waffle and discussing some relational issues I’ve been having lately.

Becca experiences a sneezing fit.

Me: “We have a drive to make things. We have a drive to produce things. And when you produce things it makes you happier.”

Hanging out at Becca’s house. I find her collection of business envelopes. She likes the clear plastic window in them and claims the envelopes have a future purpose.

Watching Powerthirst on Youtube.

Lounging around. I act out different personalities.

At home slurping up Watermelon and Strawberries with Cool Whip.



Sleep around 6:45 a.m.

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