Wednesday February 23 2022


Waking up bright and early at 8:25 a.m. Saying goodbye to Ana and Elvis.


Kicking off the ELO tour! With Mike, Rebecca, Ron, and Jimmy flying out of Norfolk and headed to Orlando.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Landed but not without delays and all the time it takes to secure two rental cars. Our group links up with Phil. Then we hit the road. All the R’s conjoin in one car (Rebecca, Robert, and Ron). Rebecca takes the wheel.


Pit stop at a Steak n Shake. I order some fries to go with my PB&J.


Two hours later at the Hampton Inn in Orange Park, Florida. The thick swamp fresh air fills the lungs and the night creatures chirp incessantly nearby. I sit near the pool and meditate on the busy travel day we had. It’s refreshing to be somewhere else other than VB. Even though I’m feeling tired from not enough sleep the night before I’m grateful. Just gonna down this coffee and continue with the night.


A bunch of us split up in each rental car in search of dinner spots. One group goes to a Thai place while my group locates a Culver’s, a place Ron is really excited about trying – a sort of nicer Chic-fil-A version of a burger joint. I get the Cod Sandwich with a Salad. Afterwards getting frozen Custards.


Later on, back at the hotel, we corral everyone we can in the fitness center to workout, exercise, and hang out. It turns into a dance tutorial session that Rebecca tutors me in. I learn how inflexible my legs and lower body are. But it’s a good time hanging out with everyone in here.


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