Monday February 28 2022


For some reason I can’t sleep in as much as I want even though I had my own hotel room last night. My mind is racing like NASCAR for some reason – feeling anxiety about my own things. Getting out of bed around 11 a.m.


Linking up with Rebecca, Phil, and Ron down in the lobby – we go grab a bite to eat at Culver’s, Ron’s favorite joint down here. I end up getting a burger with fries and a tea. The four of us shoot the shit about the past four shows and all the improvements we can make for next time. Down the street is a store called Robert’s Christmas Wonderland – we don’t hesitate to check it out.



Afterwards, chilling by the pool catching up on stuff until lobby call at 2:30.


Then, I drive the rental with Ron and Rebecca – it’s not a far drive across Gulf to Bay Blvd – this stretch of road sits cozily right at the water line of Old Tampa Bay. We stop just before the bridge and capture a few scenic footage and not to mention a foot race between Ron and I.



Once we’re at the airport it’s just one stop, line, and tram car ride after the other. At some point we make it to the gate – I grab a hefty Salad from nearby.


On the plane we’re faced with a big delay. The captain says there’s a mechanical problem that needs addressing so we have to taxi back to the gate and wait while tons of paperwork is filled out. We eventually take off – two hour plane ride but it goes by in no time cause of conversation.


Arriving at the Norfolk airport – we have to wait while they play musical luggage carousels so Mike can get his suitcase. I left my car here so we could easily leave at our whim. Driving to the warehouse to get Mike to his car and for us to grab anything we left in the van/trailer. Its crazy how many checkpoints have to be made before you can get home.


I walk into the house – Ana is warming up some leftovers for me and also Tristan is standing there (he just got back from a Thursday show at Elevation). Also, maintenance came in over the weekend and gave us a new dishwasher, stove, and countertops.


Unpacking and settling in. Later on, Ana comes in and gives me a hard time – I get so tired of discussing this stuff with her – the more she pushes me the less tolerance I have for it. I’m just so disillusioned with us – I planned to arrive home and have a nice discussion with her about our past weeks but she had other things in mind – everything that I’ve been doing lately in regards to leaving town has been too hard for her to handle. She doesn’t feel appreciated and I don’t feel respected. And all I wanna do is go to sleep.


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