Sunday February 27 2022

Mike and I wake up bright and early at 9:10 a.m. Meeting the rest of the crew down in the lobby.


Grabbing some Eggs, Oatmeal, and Tea from the complimentary breakfast then we hit the road! Casey takes the wheel with myself, Ron, and Rebecca. Leaving Ft. Lauderdale and in route to Clearwater. We take I-75 on Alligator Alley. We run into so many issues. Mike calls us in fear that their rental is going to run out of gas about 30 miles ahead of us. Then, at the same time we discover the restaurant we had everybody send orders into is a bust cause they’re closed. Then, the CarPlay connect thing stops working. Everything at once. But we all work together to get the issues resolved.


We continue on the long stretch of white paved highway with the Floridian sun keeping our spirits warm.



Snacking on a Peanut Butter Bar and an Apple.


At the Capitol Theatre, currently known as Nancy and David Bilheimer’s. Immediately, locating the green rooms and setting up the stage. There’s always so much to do. Nigel has everyone running around doing absolutely everything. Rebecca of course is swamped with merch and whatever else Nigel asks her to do. Of course, I’m also doing extra work – everyone else is too.


Fueled by a banana and coffee, sound check goes smooth.


Eating dinner upstairs with everyone. Pizza, Salad, Cannolis, and Tiramisu on the menu.


Taking a quick walk to clear my head. These past four days have been a blur.



We get on stage and put on a great finale of a show to a sold out theater. There were some moments that were remarkable, more than usual, like Mr. Blue Sky. The audience was really engaged with us on the stage since we’ve really upped our interaction with them a lot more. It got really exciting towards the end of the show when people started to get up and dance in the aisles. There’s definitely something special about this music that tugs on the heart strings.



Doing a meet and greet out by the merch. The fans are exceptionally stoked to talk with us – a lot of compliments on the sound and how much attention to detail we bring to the songs.

“You really bring the edge to the band,” a lady said to me.


My stepdad, Jimmy, is here with a friend of his to see the show – it’s good to see him.


Packing up the gear and loading up the van and trailer. We say our goodbyes to the van crew cause they’re driving through the night. The other half of us race back to the hotel. Most of us get our own rooms tonight actually, which is nice. I really need my own space after a while to recharge.


Catching up on the footage of the day.


I FaceTime Ana for the first time this tour. I feel bad cause I’ve been hustling and bustling this whole time with hardly any real time to spare. She’s definitely upset with me and feeling lots of anxiety about it.


I try to get to sleep at a decent hour.


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