Thursday February 24 2022


Waking up from a long deep sleep. It’s about 11:30 a.m.


Downstairs in the lobby I set up shop to handle business at the computer. Breakfast Bar with Tea.


Getting to the venue Thrasher-Horne Center in Orange Park, Florida. Time to get ready for our first of four ELO shows.


Snacking on an Almond Bar and Coffee.


Setting up my keyboard rig on stage and whatever else needs to be handled. Everyone’s got their delegated jobs and responsibilities. Sound check goes smooth I guess – a few hiccups but nothing we can’t handle. Chidori is with us on drums for the first time – she does quite well.


Hearty catered buffet for dinner. I grab the Chicken Alfredo with Green Beans and Salad.


Show time! The auditorium is pretty packed – we do our two 45 minute sets – proud of us all.


Afterwards, doing a meet and greet with some of the fans – we always get a lot of compliments about people seeing the original ELO years ago and saying we amount up to them perfectly.


Breaking down the stage and packing up things.


Low key time back at the hotel. I set up shop on my laptop in the lobby. Meanwhile, there’s some lady and her daughter that are locked out of their room. I observe the nice hotel clerks, who were actually at our show tonight, try to mediate the situation but it’s proving impossible cause all the locks are electronic – nothing is working.


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