Saturday February 26 2022



At a restaurant somewhere out of town – feels like we’re on tour. We’re all kind of hanging out. Rebecca and I start striking up conversation about whatever. At some point she turns into a baby. I’m holding her at one point – there’s a carrier for it – feeling responsible to take it home. There’s some kind of trouble with strangers I have to deal with. Then, I notice another Rebecca (not baby form) appears at another booth with people we know. I’m puzzled by it and feel kind of rejected and unappreciated.


Later, I’m at my old church Freedom Fellowship. I run down the ramp in the back passing all kinds of commotion outside – kids running around playing – old church friends throwing footballs around in the parking lot. I run inside not even sure why I’m here but I’m wearing a white scientist cloak. Inside the room in the back where I used to hang out all the time doing music in waking life. I discover somebody’s been painting the floor and wall a calypso teal blue. I accidentally step on the wet paint and back into the wall getting a bunch of it on the back of my white jacket. I feel embarrassed cause a dad and his son who painted are nearby and see it. I apologize and exclaim there was no wet paint sign. I run into the bathroom to wash it off a bit. I remember earlier other things happening where I was feeling judged by everyone. Feeling some anxiety.



Waking up at 11:30 a.m. in a Hyatt hotel room in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Yesterday was a long day but I feel rested now.


Downstairs in the lobby grabbing some hot water from the front desk so I can steep some tea, eat a breakfast bar, and catch up on some business. It’s been so hard to even think about anything back home. We’re always in such a hurry going from one place to another there’s barely room to breathe.


We drive to the venue – The Amaturo Theater in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I snack on a small French Fry we picked up from Wendy’s earlier and a Blueberry Bar. Then, setting up the stage. Sound check. Setting up cameras. Dealing with all the stuff back stage. There’s a nice catered spread for dinner (Chicken, Veggies, Rice, and Rolls).


I blurt out an on the fly quote after taking care of something really small, “It’s all the little things that create the big thing.” And it really is true. There’s so many of us running around the stage making sure the little things are in working order and in the end we put on a powerhouse show.



The audience is extremely receptive and excited to hear all the ELO songs. Towards the end of the set they all crowd up at the front and dance.


After the show we do a meet and greet out in the lobby by the merch talking to all the fans – they always have so many questions about where we’re from and if any of the original members are in the band. Either way, we’re a time traveling gift to them.


After loading up the van and trailer we all make our way back to the hotel. Rebecca and I take the rental car – we get into the parking lot and sit out in the car for a long time talking about all the problems on tour and how we can avoid them in the future. Nigel has essentially hired her to take care of all the travel agent and tour manager type things for this trip – she’s been doing a great job managing – I’ve been lending a hand where needed. While the conversation continues various people pull up to park, one guy is obviously inebriated – we try to warn him about the spider web up ahead but he doesn’t understand. We continue on about whatever’s on our minds – I always feel like I’m trying to understand how she works/functions.


Finally up in my hotel room – Mike is dead asleep in his bed – I stay up for a little longer organizing video footage then hit the sack soon after.


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