Friday February 25 2022

Waking up bright and early at 9:15 a.m.


Downstairs in the lobby slurping down some Eggs from the continental breakfast and hopping into our rental car. Ron takes the wheel with me in the passenger seat – Rebecca and Casey in the backseat. It’s super bright and sunny – palm trees litter the highway.


Breakfast Bar. Fruit Bar. Tea.


I pull up the video of the entire show and we all watch/critique some of the consistent problems with the mix of sequenced tracks and live vocals/instruments. It’s not often we get to see/hear from the audience perspective.



After a four hour drive we arrive at the Eissey Campus Theatre in Palm Beach Gardens – a little late but we’re here – I quickly get to work and set up the keyboard rigs among other things. Meanwhile, there are so many little sound and technical issues. Phil, our front of house, is all the way up high in a booth where he can’t hear barely anything and we still can’t seem to get our channels in order. Eventually, we get through the stressful sound check successfully.


Our original dinner plan to buy food didn’t work because the Greek restaurant refused to take our order so we’re stuck with deli sandwiches and snacks. I pop open a can of sardines I brought and turn it into a decent sandwich. There’s really no where to eat – everyone is crowded up in the bathrooms posing as dressing rooms. I take it outside and enjoy the Floridian backyard where a group of ducks swim in a pond. I try to clear my head from all the chaos that tends to happen on a tour like this. So much is going on in the world all at the same time – Ukraine just got invaded – Casey just mentions to me someone she knew died – and we’re all here stressing about putting on a good show. I let the thick southern air refresh me somehow and get inside.



Dressing up and getting out on stage – the energy is much, much better. We put our performing game faces on and crank up the stage presence – great response from the audience too.


Afterwards, we break everything down as fast as possible and drive over to the Yard House for a well deserved late night dinner. Most of our people are here. I order a hefty Mac n Cheese with Edamame and a Sour Ale.


A little under an hour drive to the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale and finally we can rest!


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