Wednesday February 22 2023


Waking up to a brightly lit room in the Hilton Head AirBnB. We checked in late last night.


All is well though cause it is another day off and we couldn’t ask for a more serene place to relax. Down by the pool and the lake there are turtles and fish – we feed them all the fruits and veggies.



We all chill around the house hanging out and eating whatever.


Rebecca and I run some errands and grab a few things at a Whole Foods down the street. At some point we locate a French bakery and load up on treats and coffee.


Later on, with most of the young portion of the crew we go out for dinner at this ramen place called JINYA. With Casey and Jimmy we chill by the fire lit table on their patio. Enjoying some of the best appetizers and ramen I’ve had in a long time. The other half of the group went nearby to a Hibachi grill then joins us later on. Sipping on hot Sake and conversation.



Back at the house some of us chill by the pool and play YouTube videos – some go for a swim. Sipping on beers and just relaxing.


Everyone else goes to sleep. In the den I stay at the computer catching up on things. The Woman King is playing on TV while Casey snoozes on the couch. I always seem to be the last person awake every night.


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