Monday February 20 2023

Waking up at some point around noon.


It’s finally our day off from tour. After playing 4 shows in a row we’re all dying for a rest day. Downstairs I cook up a hearty breakfast: Eggs, Bagel, Vegan Breakfast Sausages, Avocado, and Tea.


Everyone hangs out by the pool soaking up the sun and just relaxing. Meanwhile, having constructive conversations about band drama and taking care of business back home.


Later on, a few of us drive an hour away to visit Parksdale Farms Market, a world famous Strawberry Shortcake place. I remember visiting here a few years back on another ELO tour when Ana was with me.



Back at the AirBnB everyone is hanging around the living room and kitchen. Casey is cooking up a bunch of roasted vegetables. Edwin picks up steaks and stuff from the store. Meanwhile, the Culver’s is calling us so I take Rebecca and Chris out to grab dinner. Then, back home we partake in whatever is on the counter. Lots of camaraderie! Lots of cleaning up and organizing.



I have a good constructive talk outside with Rebecca about the stresses of this trip but also the positives. I really need to take a step back sometimes and let other people take the reins rather than always spear heading it all. One problem we have is I’m not the only one. Either way, we’ll find a way to relax.


I clean up and take a shower.


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