Thursday February 16 2023

Waking up at 9:40 a.m.


In the kitchen people congregate in and out making breakfast and such. This whole place feels like a glorified green room.


Protein Shake with Blueberries and Banana. Tea.


Driving a couple hours to Ocala.


PB&J. Coffee. Fruit.


At The Reilly Arts Center we load up on the stage and start setting up. As usual it’s hectic moving around going here, going there, to the stage, to the merch, to the food. Sound check. Dinner. Setting up the camera. Changing clothes.


We perform our two sets. Most people stay sitting down but all smiles and joy on their faces.



A couple hours drive back to the Air BnB in Davenport. Carlos accidently drives us 30 miles north away from where we need to go but we manage. Brittany has us all playing a music guessing game on her phone while I manage the footage from tonight.

Then, we have to locate a spot to park the bus/trailer tonight at the nearby truck stops. It takes some time cause almost every spot is taken by a semi. I manage to find a decent parallel spot and off we go getting shuttled to the house.


Back there, we clean up the kitchen and stock up the fridge. Then, I put on the footage for all to view.


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