Friday February 24 2023

Waking up gratefully a little bit later today at 10:30 a.m.


We all drive out on the tour bus to Savannah, Georgia, only about an hour away.


At Victory North, one of the smaller venues on this tour, a place mostly used for weddings and private events – it also used to be an old ice factory back in the day.



PB&J. Potato Chips. Banana. Coffee.


Setting up the stage and getting ready for the show.



Sound check.


They brought Chinese food for dinner.


We get on the stage and do our first show (it’s a double header tonight). It’s mostly sold out and with a lively crowd. We had to reconstruct our set a little bit.


Meeting and greeting after the show.


Then, taking a break till our second run!


It’s strange doing back to back shows but we make it through.



Packing up and loading out.


Doing all the stuff back at the AirBnB – parking the bus/trailer – cleaning up the kitchen and packing. Gotta get up very early the next morning. It just never ends – everywhere we go we’re setting up or packing up.


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