Sunday February 19 2023


Waking up bright and early at 9:50 a.m.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Driving onward to Clearwater, Florida. Quick stop at a Wawa for gas, coffee, and lunch.


Eggs. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Coffee.


At The Bilheimer Capitol Theatre – it’s a tight stage but we know this theatre well considering we’ve performed here at least 3 other times. We go through the motions setting up for the show. Sound check. Then dinner: Italian! We always have difficulty ordering from here but it’s always good.


Pizza, Salad, and Crème Brulee.


We get up to do our thing to a sold out crowd, something we tend to do here in Clearwater. We love playing this venue every year. My step-dad Jimmy shows up too with his friend again. It’s all kind of a blur though – performing our fourth show in a row then packing everything up.



Carlos drives some of us in the bus back to Davenport. In the back with Brittany, Jimmy, and Rebecca discussing some band drama and things going on that need to change. Once we arrive we have to wait a while to get scooped up – we have to leave the bus parked outside the gated community.



At the AirBnB some of us congregate in the living room watching the show footage. Ed and Chris take interest to see what they need to adjust in the show.


I stay up pretty late doing laundry and eating a 5th meal of Beans, Broccoli, and Rice.


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