Thursday February 23 2023

Waking up at 9:15 a.m. in the Hilton Head AirBnB


Oatmeal and Tea.

I gather all the drinks and fruit for the venue cause they’re not providing hospitality.


First shuttle to the bus leaves at 10 a.m.


Carlos drives us to Charleston, South Carolina – a couple hours drive.


Upon arrival at the Charleston Music Hall – I immediately hit the street with Rebecca to locate a food spot. Hot Little Biscuit! And then, some gourmet donuts!



Loading in and setting up the stage – it’s a really cool music hall.


Later on, after sound check, grabbing some amazing pizzas with the group. Then, I take a solo venture exploring the streets of downtown. There’s a lot of history here – reminds me of New Orleans and Richmond combined.




Then, we get on stage for the show. First set done but we notice Kevin is completely downtrodden and drunk – his morale is gone for some reason – he talks about not wanting to do this band anymore. It’s bad enough that he punches the mirror backstage creating a huge crack. Leon has a serious talk with him to get him level headed. Somehow we manage to get through the second set and without issues. The crowd is forgiving and loves the whole show.



Afterwards at meet n’ greet there’s a little kid who sings Elvis Presley for us – definitely bound to be a star one day.



Filling up on Donuts on the drive back and discussing the aftermath and things to come in the back of the bus with Nigel, Rebecca, and Brittany.


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