Saturday February 25 2023

Waking up super early. Departing from the AirBnB around 9 a.m. There’s much to do getting all the food, drinks, and luggage cleared out of there.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Carlos drives us in the bus all the way to Newberry, South Carolina. Meanwhile, I catch up on computer stuff.


At The Newberry Opera House. We played here back in 2020. The venue has a good group of stage hands helping us transport all the gear up the elevator and stage. It’s a uniquely small room but still feels big at the same time.


PB&J Biscuits. Coffee. Banana.


Setting up everything on stage.


Sound check goes smooth.


I take a short nap in the bus cause our show doesn’t start till 8 p.m.


Dinner: Chicken, Baked Potato, and Veggies.


We put on a good performance – most things go well and great response from the crowd.



Packing up and loading out.


We’ve got a long drive home overnight. I take the first shift and get us all the way to South of the Border. It’s crazy how hungry we all get after the show – I swear I’ve snacked on everything under the sun.



Carlos then Jimmy take over the last two shifts as I attempt to sleep in the top bunk.


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