Friday February 17 2023

Waking up at 10:45 a.m.


Protein Shake. Tea.


We all pile into the van to transport ourselves to the bus. Then, drive to Clermont, Florida, second show of our Florida tour.


On site we set up and do our thing...


PB&J. Plantain Chips. Coffee.


It’s quite a hectic sound check cause so many things go wrong – Casey falls off the strings riser from an infrastructure issue – my top keyboard had a gate issue we couldn’t solve for a long time – spacing on stage – video issues. But in the end we get it all figured out.



They have a gymnasium next door. With Carlos and Ron shooting the basketball around.


Italian for dinner!


We put on the show to a filled out room. My head is pounding from all the problem solving and stress. But we get through the show. Nigel has this thing where he talks to the crowd and gets a demographic count – it’s always the 60 age group and up that shouts the most lol.

Packing up and loading out.


We end up locating a better spot to park the bus/trailer by a hotel right outside the gated community neighborhood. 


Back at the AirBnB settling in – everyone congregates in the living room while Nigel and I put on the videos from the show – discussing and critiquing all the light and sound things.


Peter, the violist, and Rebecca and I have a long discussion about all the band drama and various issues. One thing we are in constant battle about with Nigel is the balance of the backing tracks and live vocals/instruments. It’s really become an authenticity issue.


I’ve been realizing how little chance I have for any private time at all on this tour in particular – cause no matter where I go I’m with the group.


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