Wednesday February 15 2023


Waking up off and on in the back of the bus. Suddenly, we all hear a loud crash after a huge bump and the back window by the bunk just shatters to pieces. We’re all in shock. But what can we do but keep driving. We eventually use some Gorilla tape to cover it up at the next truck stop.



Breakfast Bar. Banana. Coffee.


It’s a long 12 hour drive. Eventually we make it to Davenport, Florida where the Air BnB is only to discover they won’t allow our big bus (nor van/trailer) into the gated community so now we have to find a hang out spot up the street till the van arrives so we can perform an intricate shuttle plan.


We settle on a place where a Starbucks is. PB&J with Potato Chips and Tea.


Then, we link up with the van/trailer at a Love’s truck stop to fill up on gas and re-hitch the trailer to the bus. Then, the first group heads off leaving a few of us behind.


Somewhat stranded behind the Love’s truck stop – we find a semi-decent place to park the bus/trailer right next to this decrepit rundown area with old mattresses, bones, and tires. While we wait for the van to come pick us up we throw the Frisbee around and I try my hand on the long board. We wait for what seems like forever.



Eventually, we finally arrive at the Air BnB – it’s super nice and spacious with all the bedrooms we need – some designed with Disney themes lol.



To take a shower after such an eventful day such as this is a pleasure of its own simple kind.


We all hang around in the den getting acclimated to the place.


I eat some leftover Peas, Baby Broccoli, and Quinoa for dinner.


Grocery run to the Publix.


I catch up on things with the computer while the movie High Anxiety plays in the background. We’re all entertained.


At some point finally hitting the bed – even though these sheets feel like sandpaper I. Am. Grateful.


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