Wednesday September 15 2021


Waking up from a sound and relaxed sleep in what feels like a luxury hotel in Burlington, Iowa.


Breakfast Bar with Tea. Sitting down in the lobby catching up on business.


Then, hitching a ride with Leon and Mike to the venue in downtown Burlington. They’ve got an outside stage set up right along the Mississippi River right in front of an old auditorium built in the 30’s, which is prime for exploring in but also where our dressing rooms are.



I take a solo walk up Jefferson which has such an old town feel – coffee shop, comic book store, thrift store, barber shop, record store, antique stores, etc. I peruse through the thrift store and score a mug and some buttons.

Eating an Egg and Avocado Breakfast Sandwich with a Cold Coffee.


Sound check goes smoothly except for some weird double patched keyboard/acoustic line.


Dining in the mess hall where they brought us catering: Chicken with Veggies and Brown Rice.


Casey, Rebecca, and I discover the fallout shelter in the basement of the building and create some haunting a capella.


Then, on with the ELO show. It’s perfect weather for an outside event. All the people gathered around tables and chairs a safe distance away. We perform our two sets of all the hits. Meanwhile, little bugs crowd up the keys to my keyboards. Overall, it was a fun show!



Back at the hotel. Most of the crew in the van start driving back east while some of us stay behind for another night. I catch up on the day at the computer with Cookies and Green Tea. It’s a super chill night. Later on, Rebecca and I hang out talking about the show, movies, things, etc.


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