Thursday September 16 2021

Waking up at 10:37 a.m. in a comfy hotel bed in Burlington, Iowa.


A very nice old man named Ike drives Jimmy, Mike, Rebecca, and I to the airport, about an hour or so drive. I sit in the back of the van catching up on business while we pass by all the corn fields of the Midwest.


At the Quad Cities airport. Literally, the only people to walk through security are us. At the terminal we’ve got loads of time till our plane starts boarding. I give Ana a call and walk around. Then, killing time at the tables with a Coffee and a Breakfast Bar.


On the plane to our layover in Dallas. We scramble to make it in the nick of time for our next flight to Norfolk. Rebecca and I grab something from a bagel place unsure if we even have time. There’s a funny moment where we’re running towards to the gate to watch one of the ladies start to close the door. She sees us and lets us through. That was a close one.


At some point after 10:30 p.m. the plane lands in ORF but we’re forced to wait in taxi for whatever reason unusually long. Dave, Megan’s dad, picks us up from the curb.


Back home, I walk in to find Erica baking a bunch of Japanese Milk Bread loaves in our kitchen. Yummy smells fill the air. Eventually, Ana gets home from work and we all share some food.



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