Saturday September 18 2021


Waking up around 10:50 a.m.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


At Music Makers coaching 3 bands today for the start of our fall MMLIVE session. We’ve reunited the adult band with Lou, Mike, Rachel, Joey, and Reid while I fill in on drums. I woke up earlier to a text from someone that was supposed to give me a hand but called out. So I’m essentially on my own today. Rebecca had a few afternoon lessons but once she’s done she gives me a hand with the kid band, which is helpful.


PB&J. Coffee. Apple.


After all the bands are done I haul butt over to Smartmouth at the oceanfront to catch Ana’s band, Community Witch, Zack Mexico, and Freedom Hawk play a show. It’s all outside with a food truck and vendors. Hanging out with a lot of our friends and enjoying all the tight bands. It’s just been music all day and night for me!


Enjoying a Veggie BBQ Sandwich with Fries and a few beers.


Bringing some chairs over to the ELO space and setting up a couple things for tomorrow’s Broadway activities.


Back home settling down and catching up on the day with Ana. Sharing Spinach Egg Beet Salads and Green Tea.


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