Thursday September 9 2021


Waking up nice and early up in the sun room of our little nook in Keswick, VA.


Ana and I hit the road north to Luray, VA to catch the caverns.

Breakfast Bars and Tea.


Arriving. We stroll through the underground world of stalactites and stalagmites each area with it’s own story and resemblance of animals and mythical figures. I remember visiting these caverns a long time ago when I was kid with my mom and stepdad, Jimmy. It’s crazy to think it’s still here and has been for millions of years but only discovered within the past 150 years. We spend a long time in the caves in awe of all the strange rock beauty.



Enjoying some PB&J’s, Eggs, and Snacks on a picnic bench just outside.


Driving on through downtown Luray we spot a local thrift store and find a few cool pictures, one of a horse guy with hunting dogs that we want to gift the lady of the house we’re staying at.


Making our way back onto Skyline Drive and through Shenandoah National Park. It’s such a beautiful and romantic drive. The fact that this place is not terribly far away from home is even cooler.


Taking another hike to view Dark Hollow Falls. It’s not as hot or long as yesterday’s trail but still with strenuous slopes.



Driving into downtown Charlottesville for dinner at Maya, a re-imagined Southern menu. Outside on the patio enjoying the fine dining.

Rockfish with Broccoli, Cornbread, Salad, and a Chocolate Torte.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the business related things back home. But I try to stay focused on our vacation time together.


Back at the farm pad reflecting and catching up on things.


Making fire again then to sleep up in our triangle nook of a bedroom.


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