Friday September 24 2021


Waking up after noon.


Catching up on business and scheduling.


At Music Makers working on an order and catching up Allyson with all the week’s business.


Salad with Sardines, Beets, and Toast. Coffee.


Running errands – getting a bunch of stuff at Target.


Meeting up with Josiah and Josh at the storage unit to practice the Bamm Bamm set and record drums for the Bum Rush song. Things always take longer than expected.


Then, Ana and I grab dinner at Love Song. Danny, the owner is always there at the bar – the nicest guy I know.


Back home. She gets triggered by something that’s said and we almost get into a really heated argument about our relationship. I try to keep my tone calm – it’s hard at times but works well when I really focus on it.


Later on, at the studio organizing things and practicing drums.


Popped Chips.


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