Friday June 4 2021


Waking up a little before 11 a.m.

Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Ana and I visit Rebecca next door to do my makeup.


At the Kroc Center for the big Broadway dress rehearsal. Even though there’s no audience we’re treating it like the real show. There’s so much that needs to be set up and sound checked. The whole crew and cast start to trickle in, filling up the dressing rooms and stage with a frenzy of costumes and props.


Amidst all the chaos we start to notice Jordan getting a little too impatient with sound check – he starts yelling unusually loud and with no reason. Later on, while trying to run the 1st and 2nd numbers something goes horribly wrong in the sound booth. It’s apparent that he was drinking beforehand. That mixed with some disagreements between him and Rebecca creates a tense enough situation that we had to kick him out. Meanwhile, Ana and I are up on stage attempting to run our Aladdin number and trying to keep the spirits alive. It was completely unexpected. But the show must go on!


Carol has to take over the show tracks and the lights and us stage crew have to make some adjustments but we make it through with a few hiccups and weird transitions. However, the songs themselves are performed beautifully!



It’s a long, long night for everyone. After 8:30 we reconvene and make a game plan for tomorrow.


Ana and I hit up Baladi’s for a hearty dinner.


Taking care of chores at the house.


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