Friday June 11 2021


Waking up around noon. First up: making fire with Ana while Elvis waits patiently in the computer chair.


Ana and I hit up Commune for brunch eating our usuals with coffee. Waffles and Eggs (with a Blueberry Compote this time).


I have to meet up at St. Gregory Catholic church off Witchduck to scope out this assembly hall for a wedding dinner I’m deejaying tomorrow.


At Music Makers delegating Allyson to help fix some major schedule things on the calendar.


Taking care of myself back home.

Lentils with Spinach, Beets, and Toast.


Ana and I drive out to The Hermitage Museum in Norfolk. They’re having a big gallery opening and Ladada is performing. There’s a big transparent tent set up outside right by the harbor. A bunch of our friends are here in support. It’s a very beautiful garden and building. Halfway through our set Josiah breaks a guitar string, then breaks another guitar string on the spare guitar I brought, and then the power goes out to the left side of the stage. We finish off the Yabba song by shouting the chorus with half the band still playing – good times!



Chicken Sandwich with Fries.


Afterwards, we invite a bunch of people back to the storage unit where we usually rehearse for a late night jam. Oh it’s another good time – everybody hops around on instruments – picking up drumsticks and banging on anything nearby.


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