Friday June 18 2021

Waking up real late after 1 p.m.


Ana and I grab our usual brunch at Commune. Waffles, Bacon, and Coffee.


Running errands – dropping off some pants at the tailor – renting out a new storage unit space for Broadway things – Target.


Egg, Kale, and Toast with Butter and Jam.


Catching up on business.


Driving out to Norfolk for the rock show at Smartmouth. Ana’s band, Community Witch, and Demons are performing. It feels like the first real summer show with sweaty bodies packed in the warehouse like sardines. Seeing a lot of people I don’t always see. Both bands really offer an energetic show.

Ana and I share a Mr. Shawarma’s falafel wrap and fries afterwards.

There’s always mingling post show too.


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