Saturday October 19 2019



Waking up off and on in this hotel bed in Kerrville, Texas. At some point I get up...


Making some Green Tea and having a Date and Almond Bar for breakfast.


I spend a good amount of time studying some Strokes songs. Last minute I recruited myself into Ana’s band for the Halloween show cause their guitar player backed out. I got Ronnie on board too to do second guitar.


Meeting up in the lobby with half the crew driving up the street to the venue for tonight: The Cailloux Theater.


Chomping down on a Chicken Sandwich with Fries.


Nice sound/backline/monitor crew to help us out. Show days are always filled with time and preparation on stage. Sometimes it’s a hassle getting everything in order and just right.



At some point we get a good sound check on stage and everybody’s comfortable.


In the dressing rooms we congregate over barbecue catering. I try to squeeze in a little Strokes songs studying borrowing one of the guitars on hand.



We do our double 45 minute sets of all the greatest hits of Electric Light Orchestra. The theater seems to be filled up with all kinds of nostalgic older couples trying to relive their youth. The performance didn’t go without a few hiccups but nobody would ever notice. Jorge, our strings guy, hired three strings players from Dallas, Chinese born students from a university up there. They came highly recommended – they definitely proved themselves. We proved ourselves to the state of Texas!


Packing up and chatting with some fans out in the foyer.



Back at the hotel room catching up on the day and studying more Strokes songs.


Sleep at whatever time it is.

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