Friday October 18 2019



Waking up at 11:37 a.m.


Packing up the rest of my things.


Ana and I grab a quick Coffee and Biscuit at Three Ships. Beforehand we get into a heated thing in the car on the way there, mainly about being free to voice opinions which of course we always do, but to a fault at times. Either way, we cool off by the time we get inside and enjoy each other’s company.


At the Norfolk airport and so begins the day of traveling...


Two flights, one to Dallas and one to San Antonio. Had a PB&J, Plantain Chips, Apple, and Tea on the first flight. Trying to read through Steppenwolf, a book I started a long time ago but never seem to finish.


Landing in San Antonio. We almost have the full crew linked up: Nigel, Ron, Bri, Leon, Jimmy, Francisco, and Jorge. Kevin’s supposed to meet us tomorrow. Ron and I run down and grab two rental vans. The guy showed us a parking lot full of a bunch of mini vans and told us to pick whichever we wanted.


Some of us decide to hit up downtown San Antonio for dinner. The famous River Walk was our only goal. It’s like a 6 mile canal that runs below the city. We immediately find parking and locate an awesome Tex Mex restaurant called Rita’s. With Ron, Nigel, Leon, and Bri – we all clink up our margarita glasses in celebration of this super nice night. A mariachi band walks around playing for people. Nigel of course somehow coerces them to play “Baby Shark” while he does the floss dance. The whole restaurant cracks up. Enjoying some Chicken Salad, Chips with Guac and Salsa.


Bri drives us about an hour to Kerrville, Texas where we’ll be staying for two nights. This hotel is quite strange and very picturesque. I walk around FaceTiming Ana on the phone while scoping out interesting German style architecture spots. Meanwhile, there’s a live country band at the hotel bar. The scene in here is very Texas with cowboy hat wearing couples holding beers and dancing to the backdrop of the Texas and American flag.



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